Mumford & Sons' "Hopeless Wanderer" video makes us laugh and weep


Mumford & Sons have a brand new music video out for their song "Hopeless Wanderer," and this one, folks, this is one for the books.

With the help of actors Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, a silly beard-wearing Will Forte, and Jason Sudeikis, the passion of the Mumf reaches a new plateau.

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The video opens much in the same way we have come to expect Mumford & Sons videos to begin. A guy who looks like Ben Lovett is keying dreamily on an old upright piano located conveniently in the middle of a luminous field. As the rest of Mumfy show up with their instruments, you can't help but notice that the sunshine is just absolutely perfect, the way it always is when Mumford & Sons are around. The sun, this time, is so blindingly stunning, that even our beloved leading man Marcus Mumford is wearing some Ray-Bans, to shield his precious eyes.


The boys are carrying their instruments down a gravel road, and there are slow motion close-ups of the dirt that is kicked up by their artfully distressed boots. You are drawn in by the intrepid guitar strings, the glimpse of a banjo, and even as you are angrily thinking to yourself, "God, another Mumford video that looks like a combination of Instagramed Kinfolk picnics and an ad for Amish work shirts," you cannot stop watching, because there is something about that world that you want to be part of.


And then--then--it happens. At the one-minute mark, you realize that you are not watching the Mumford & Sons in another artful video of hipster nostalgia. Marcus Mumford has been replaced by Jason Sudeikis, and he is an outstanding leading man. Flanked by Jason Bateman, Will Forte and Ed Helms, the new incarnation of Mumford and Sons play a riotous version of "Hopeless Wanderer" in the typical dirty vintage barn while yellow light bulbs flicker on and off in a charming pattern. Bateman is covered in dirt, somehow, and everyone is engaging in a little softcore instrument love.


The men relocate with their instruments to the tiniest rowboat ever, vociferously playing amidst still, picturesque waters. Later, they are back in the wedding reception-ready barn, weeping wildly into their beards. Bateman wipes tears away from Forte's face and licks them off his fingers in what is possibly the most heartbreakingly gentle gesture in the history of Mumfy, and the men never stop singing. Sudeikis and Forte, caught up in the moment, start making out.


Then there's an instrumental break, and the fabulous foursome has changed into crisp identical outfits of white linen pants, blue and white checkered vests, and straw hats, each carrying banjos and engaging in enough gyrating and booty-shaking to make even Beyonce proud.


The hard part assumedly over, the new Mumford band has another new backdrop, inside a cozy, warmly lit pub, generous mugs of beer in hand. This scene is split with shots of Bateman performing an epic banjo solo that quite literally burns the strings off the instrument, while Helms fist-pounds the piano. Everything still sounds amazingly in tune. As the inevitable crescendo builds, the band takes to either humping or destroying their instruments, and the video finally concludes with the men walking down that same dirt road.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is art

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