Pizza Lucé Block Party with Motion City Soundtrack, 8/10/13

Photos by Joanna Fox

Motion City Soundtrack
w/After the Burial, Bloodnstuff, Haphduzn, Frankie Lee, and Sean Anonymous
Pizza Lucé Downtown, Minneapolis
Saturday, August 10, 2013

After going on hiatus last year, the 10th annual Pizza Lucé Block Party returned last night to celebrate 20 years of Pizza Lucé. The day also served as a birthday celebration for the Current's Barb Abney, who hosted the entire show. Overall, the festival was an eclectic group of musicians. From rap and hip-hop to heavy metal, Americana, and punk, there was honestly something for everyone. Armed with a picturesque summer evening and Summer Ale, each of the musicians stole the crowd's attention in their own way.

Channeling the likes of Atmosphere, Sean Anonymous (a.k.a. Sean Quinn) woke up the growing crowd during his very audience-involved set. Trying to keep his set diverse, Quinn invited Chicago rapper Phillip Morris to join him onstage for three of his last songs, but he totally could have done without. Jumping around "like a cat on coco puffs," as summarized by Barb Abney, his performance of his most recent single, "Brick by Brick," was a definite highlight. Quinn's genuine enthusiasm and love for the audience listening shined and everyone participated in his adorable plea to simultaneously 'SHHH.'

Photos by Joanna Fox

Anonymous took the stage again later during Haphduzn's set, which held the same energy, and cranked it up another notch. The south Minneapolis rapper has enjoyed a breakout year in the local scene and beyond, and it's partly because his charisma is undeniable. With his expressive long limbs and booming voice carrying his performance to the back of the parking lot, Haph brought out cuts from Whittier Alliance and expressed his own alliance to the unifying power of all types of hip-hop and not just "trap rap."

Things definitely cooled down for Frankie Lee, who took the stage next. Dedicating his second song, "Country," to Abney, Lee and his crisp vocals truly stole the stage. Wearing sunglasses throughout the entire set, Lee and his band showed the audience what Americana is truly about. They even threw in a cover of some of the north-of-the-border variety via Neil Young's "Down by the River." The only downside to Lee's set was that most audience members took it as an opportunity to grab a slice a pizza and stock up on more alcohol. A lot of folks missed out on the sublime vocals and guitar solo of "Black Dog," which highlighted the early evening.

Photo by Joanna Fox

Each of the sets started right on time, leaving the audience to linger alongside the side wall of the Fine Line Café, or to venture out onto the closed off street to test out the other activities planned for the entire day which included snow cones, a dunk-the-waitress machine, face painting, and sidewalk chalk, which was definitely the most popular (second to the music, of course). Once the upcoming bands would begin mic tests, the crowd gradually made their way back to the stage just in time for the opening songs.

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