Prince joins Twitter and posts his first selfie: A timeline

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Via @3rdEyeGirl
Not Prince's first selfie.
Anyone missing Prince's strange publicity stunts of the past will be pleased to follow his activity on Twitter. Yes, on Tuesday evening at about 8 p.m., the @3rdEyeGirl account was updated with this tweet: "PRINCE'S 1ST TWEET... TESTING 1, 2..." Since the guy already has the inclination to shorten his words to single letters and/or numbers, this is not a bad place for Rolling Stone's #2 greatest live act to hang out. (Remember when we weren't even sure who was tweeting from the account?)

In the hours to follow, we simultaneously learned more and less about the reclusive star as his 140-max character messages -- and according to a Twitter rep, it really was him -- started coming in bunches. Seen as a whole, the Purple Twitter Experience is just as confounding as everything else we know about the guy. At least this is one area where he can be quoted with certainty.

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After his initial tweet, you could tell he was still getting warmed up, so the second tweet was still in a pretty literal realm.

But then, THEN, we really got into the social media muck that hopefully everyone wanted from Prince. He did the obligatory shot of his dinner plate.
Regarding the pepper, if you have to ask, bro... Anyhow, this was about the time of the night that people were starting to notice the fact that PRINCE WAS TWEETING THINGS. One of whom was his buddy ?uestlove, who has been in the Twin Cities several times in recent years for Purple-related performances.
Cries of "show yourself, you beautiful man," and "gimme a break," followed from the Twitterverse, and we received this. 
For those who've followed Prince's erratic persona for years now, it's clear that he likes to mess with people's expectations a bit. And Twitter is the ideal venue for a bit of postmodern goofing around. After hollering at his girl Janelle Monae, we got the first "selfie" photo of Prince. See it on the next page.

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