The Replacements' history memorialized in the Current's family tree

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In the ecosystem of rock 'n' roll, it's fascinating to see how the pieces of any great organization -- or disorganization -- fit together. When it comes to the Replacements, there are a lot of people who have been connected since when it began in the late '70s, and it's pretty hard to keep all of that up in your noggin.

It's no secret that the founder of Gimme Noise loves her some flow charts. With some design help from Nate Ryan, the Current's Andrea Swensson has created "The Replacements Family Tree." It's a painstaking look at everyone in the history of the band and out of the history of the band. You'll see the familiar Westerberg, Stinson, Mars, and Dunlap names, but also David Minehan and Josh Freese, who are signed on to represent guitar and drums for the band's reunion shows at three Riot Fests this fall.

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"The tree isn't comprehensive by any means," Swensson notes. But aside from leaving off the bartenders at the CC Club and, well, plenty of tangential folks, this is an awfully complete portrait of the band's key members and associates. Amazing work!

Nate Ryan/Andrea Swensson

A much larger version of the tree is within your reach at the Current's blog.

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