Let It Be: Iconic Replacements album cover recreated by painters working on historic house

Now this is a cool story well-timed for the upcoming Replacements reunion at Riot Fest in Toronto this coming weekend.

Tigerox, a local painting and restoration company, was recently hired to do some work on 2215 Bryant Ave S. -- the house made famous on the cover of the Replacements' Let It Be album. And they couldn't resist recreating the iconic shot.

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"You have this opportunity, because you're house painters, so you can throw a ladder up there, plus we're up there anyway," says Ceridwen Christensen, partner/owner of Tigerox. "It was like, you have to take this opportunity."

Christensen was the one who took the picture, and describes a chaotic shoot.

"I just crawled up there and ordered them around," Christensen says. "I'm not a photographer, right? I was sort of ordering them to look like the guys."

The house is owned by Michael Woell, who purchased it in 2005 without knowing or caring about its place in rock history.

"I actually had no idea who the Replacements were until the seller mentioned it and I looked it up," Woell says. "They were before my generation, so that's how that went down."

Owner Michael Woell poses in front of the house made famous on the cover of the Replacements' "Let It Be"
He says he stumbled across the painters in the midst of their photo shoot and chose to, well, let it be.

"Yeah, I heard some noise out there with ladders so I looked out there and saw the painters posing," Woell says. "I knew exactly what they were doing just because it's been recreated a number of times during my ownership here. I knew what was going on."

This is what it looked like:


But if you'd like to replicate the Replacements in your own photo shoot, you're outta luck. 

"You know, being that it's rented by tenants, I'm not in favor of trying to create some sort of pay-for-a-shot with the Replacements album cover, just because it would become a hassle," Woell says.

As for the iconic album cover shot at his house, Woell finally managed to acquire it.

"One of my old tenants gave it to me as a going-away present," he says. "She was all about it and I thought it was a nice gesture of hers."


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