Tommy Stinson sings lead on Guns N' Roses leaked rarity "Going Down"

Photo by Steve Cohen
Just in case you've forgotten, Tommy Stinson is a member of two iconic bands of the past half century. In addition to being the founding bassist of the Replacements, he also earns a steady living in Guns N' Roses. As the 'Mats finally reform this coming weekend at Riot Fest, here's a look at another side of Stinson.

Over the weekend, a track attributed to GNR emerged with Stinson ably handling lead vox and an Axl Rose-sounding backup singer ringing out behind him. For a woeful many of us, "Going Down" represents the first time in a while that we've cranked up anything from this band. It's definitely different.

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Longtime GNR enthusiast Chuck Klosterman, who once wrote the definitive review of Chinese Democracy on April Fool's Day a good couple of years before the album dropped, weighed in thusly:

Amid the amped-up acoustic guitar and Bumblefoot riffage, there's this memorable line: "Get into your car and drive just as fast as you can/You had your 15 minutes, you tried to take an hour/Now no one pays a call." It's easily attached to any number of situations from the associated players' pasts. Not much other context is provided on the song yet. Hear it for yourself at a Soundcloud stream below.

Updated: Streaming at Stereogum.

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