Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week we get things going with a mildly disturbing album teaser from Poliça to promote their forthcoming record, Shulamith. We're also featuring a newly discovered gem from Bob Dylan, which was given the video treatment to promote his new Bootleg Series release. We're also shining a spotlight on new videos from Dawes (shot predominantly at one of their favorite clubs in the country, First Avenue), Night Moves, Default Genders, Vitamin June, Mike Dreams, and $tarbound. We've also got a wonderful live clip from Sombear (and Chris Walla) in the Current studios, and a preview video for the upcoming season of Liquid Music at the SPCO. Enjoy!

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Poliça - Shulamith album trailer

Poliça have already provided us with details and the album art for their forthcoming second album, Shulamith, as well as giving us a torture-filled new video for its first single, "Tiff," and now the celebrated local quartet heightens the anticipation for the new record (due out on October 22) by releasing this eerie trailer, which plays into the striking image featured on the cover. The sinister liquid in the tub could be something as innocent as hair dye or really rusty water, or something far more ominous like blood -- they keep you guessing while a menacing experimental electronic strain gradually gives way to a churning beat and a striking new font for the band name as we all wait to hear more from Poliça.

Bob Dylan - "Pretty Saro"

In addition to delighting the Midway audience with a wonderful live show and being featured on a recent City Pages cover, Bob Dylan is also readying a new release, with Vol. 10 of his ongoing Bootleg Series, Another Self Portrait, due out on August 27. One of the undiscovered gems from that collection is "Pretty Saro," an 18th-century English folk song that Dylan tried recording many times, ultimately never being happy enough with the finished versions to include it on Self Portrait's original release. Now, to promote the upcoming release, a delicate, gorgeous version of "Pretty Saro" is given a video treatment by filmmaker Jennifer Lebeau, who culled some striking images from the Library of Congress's Farm Security Administration, providing the simple song with a lovely, retro-tinged visual accompaniment.

Dawes - "Most People"

Dawes have been making regular stops in Minneapolis for years now, with their dedicated local fan base turning out to support them at every performance, so it's no secret that the Los Angeles band have an affinity for the area. And now, with their new video for "Most People," the rest of the world will know just how much fun the group and their passionate fans have at First Avenue, as live clips from the club are featured prominently throughout the video. There are plenty of recognizable faces in the clip, too, if you look closely, including images from the band's stop into the Current studios as well.

Night Moves - "Colored Emotions" from stereogum on Vimeo.

Night Moves - "Colored Emotions"

Night Moves keep things decidedly retro and relaxed in the video for the title track of their debut record. This new clip was directed by the talented local duo Isaac Gale and David Jensen, who perfectly capture the band's playful, ethereal quality, while also adding a bit of seductiveness and style to the proceedings. The video also proves just how difficult it is to eat on a waterbed, and what can happen when sharp objects are brought anywhere near those antiquated relics of the '70s. You can catch Night Moves at the Triple Rock on August 23, and also at the Summit Backyard Bash on September 7.

Sombear - "Incredibly Still (Live on the Current)"

Now, Now drummer Brad Hale has just released the debut album, Love You in the Dark, from his electronic-tinged new solo project, Sombear. For Sombear's first ever live performance, Hale brought in Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla, who released the new record (and Now, Now's recent album) on his label, Trans-records. This video captures the lovely, hypnotic performance, with Hale and Walla's vocals meshing fluidly as the tender track soars. Sombear has been tapped as the support act for a few East Coast dates of Dessa's forthcoming tour in September, with Hale also hitting the road with Now, Now for a lengthy U.S. tour of their own, including a Minneapolis stop at the Nether Bar on October 23.

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