Top 20 new name suggestions for Station 4

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The saga of the now-shuttered punk and metal haven Station 4 continues with a venue-naming poll. Last week Gimme Noise reported that the club would be closed for the rest of the year while it undergoes significant renovation. According to the Save Station 4 Facebook page -- which we are taking with a grain of salt and a drop of tequila -- the new space must come up with a new name.

"Yes, we cannot use the name Station 4 for several legal reasons. So, since this venue is for the people by the people, we are letting you decide the name. Comment what name you think we should call it." Apparently the top 10 of these are getting put aside as actual options for renaming the spot at East Fourth and Sibley Streets in St. Paul. Nearly 300 responses populated the page as of late Wednesday, and Gimme Noise chose our 20 favorite replies. (Note: Several of our picks would not be in the club's best interest.)

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20. Let's start with a City Slickers II reference.

19. Several comments referred to the space's body-jarring support beams.

18. Ow, ow, ow.

17. The other "fond memory" repeated on the thread involved the men's room's "open-door policy."

16. TMI.

15. Did this actually happen?

14. In spite of the fact that owner Alan Peterson suggests that there will be a widening of the musical scope in the new space, a lot of folks still have hard-rockin' dreams. Sabbath fans, for one.

13. Blue Öyster Cult fans, for another.

12. And, er, The Simpsons devotees, for yet another.

11. This gent wanted to wow us with his vocab. [blushing]

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