Dessa's tour van burglarized in Buffalo

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Dessa's tour in support of her latest solo album, Parts of Speech, took a devastating hit Friday in Buffalo. After their performance at the 9th Ward at Babeville, their tour van Mountain was burglarized. Computers, cameras, merch, and tour earnings were among the items taken.

Because they are a resilient bunch, the tour will go on. But Dessa and co. are asking for help to get back up to full strength. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched, and the funds will go to help defray the losses from the burglary. Update: The $30,000 goal has been reached!

Here's a note Dessa posted:

Last night after our show in Buffalo, our tour van was burglarized. We lost computers, camera gear, some merch earnings, and parts of the crucial equipment for our set.

We visited the Buffalo police station, filed incident reports, and checked into our hotel room at just past 4 a.m. We convened for a brief band meeting. During this meeting--as if on cue--the hotel lost power. Joey opened the drapes to let in some street light. Did we want to cancel the rest of the tour? We didn't. Could we pull our show back together in a day? Almost, yeah.

We've decided to forge ahead without canceling any shows.
As most of you can probably guess, indie tours are financially challenging in the best of circumstances. But, money aside, this sort of thing can just be damn demoralizing. As the leader of this band, I hate to see my guys missing gifts from their wives and finding themselves--after weeks of hard work and hard travel--worse off than when they left.

That said, my team has impressed the pants of me (I still have pants) in the last 12 hours. Nobody yelled or threw things or said 'fuck you, I'm leaving.' Everybody shared what they had and started making plans to get this roadshow in working order again.
As part of those plans, I'm starting this tour page. Its immediate purpose is to help Ricardo, our photographer, repurchase his gear that was stolen. Ricardo documents these tours as a labor of love and the theft hit him particularly hard. We're determined to get him the tools that he needs to return to his day job ready to work. If you'd like to pitch in on his replacement gear, and ours, here's place to so.

Thank you to everyone who's attended a show so far.

Thanks to everyone we'll meet in the next two weeks.

Screw the dudes who broke into our van.


As you can see, there are already a lot of supporters pledging funds to the cause the campaign reached its goal in just under two days! Get more information here and here, regarding serial numbers for the stolen laptops.

Even with the funding goal now reached, the generosity of Dessa's fans extends even further. Her contact lenses disappeared in the burglary, so a New York fan lent the singer a pair of glasses to wear on Sunday.

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I have a personal article policy on my camera equipment.  I pay $5 a month which covers about $5,000 worth of equipment.  The policy is great because it covers theft and accidents.  If I drop and damage my camera or lens, my insurance company covers it with a $0 deductible.  Carrying around thousands of dollars of camera equipment without insurance is too risky and in my own opinion, reckless. 

jason.dorweiler topcommenter

That's great that they have raised so much in such a short time, but shitty for all work lost. I hope the rest of the tour goes well. 

Hey k2yeb, Hater gotta hate.... 

k2yeb topcommenter

I wish I was a musician, actor, celebrity, etc. so that whenever something bad happened to me or I wanted something done I could simply ask for help from a nation of people who are already making their dollars stretch as far as possible. This kickstarter type stuff needs to go the hell away outside of charities. 

It is called insurance. But, I guess a fool and his money...

Oh yeah....apparently only guys can steal. Going on shrink in Target stores makeup sections that appears to be an ignorant assumption. 


hey at least they can't make any more godawful minneapolis hip-hop without their equipment. note to all the other cheeseball minneapolis hip-hop acts - play more shows in buffalo!

Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo

i'd kick them guys right in there cocks if i find em!

Calvin Woody
Calvin Woody

I always hated that city. I called it Gotham

Ginny Hissam
Ginny Hissam

WTF??? so effed! also so amazing they're not cancelling any shows!! that's the way true musicians do.

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