Low record cover of Rihanna's "Stay" as charity single [STREAM]

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Photos by Erik Hess (Low) and Tony Nelson (Rihanna)
One of the obvious highlights (or lowlights, if you ask this guy) of this past summer's Pitchfork Music Festival was Low. A clever inclusion of Rihanna and Mykki Echo's tear-jerker "Stay" proved once again that this Duluth trio refuses to become a predictable entity.

Now Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker, and Steve Garrington have decided to make the song a bit more official by recording it as a single and donating the proceeds to Rock for Kids, an organization helping spread music education to underserved children in the Chicago area. The gorgeous results -- sorry, drone fans -- were created at Sacred Heart in Duluth, and they're streaming below.

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Downloads are available on iTunes now.

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