Here's 21 videos of the Replacements at Riot Fest Chicago

Photo by Erik Hess
Just as was the case in Toronto, the cell phone-wielding amateur videographers were out at Riot Fest to document the Replacements' second reunion show. During what proved to be a lovely evening in Humboldt Park following a day of rain, the 'Mats packed a few more songs into their setlist, and threw in a heap of entertaining banter in between.

Gimme Noise spotted filmmaker Rick Fuller hustling around onstage, so consider these clips something to tide you over until higher quality footage of the Replacements performing emerges.

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"Takin' a Ride":

"I'm in Trouble":

"Favorite Thing":

"Hangin' Downtown":

"I Don't Know" > "Buck Hill":

"Kiss Me on the Bus":

"Achin' to Be":

"Androgynous" > "Hey, Good Lookin' (Hank Williams)":

"I Will Dare":

"Merry Go Round":

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