Stan fans: The top 10 music stalker-fan groups ranked worst to best

"Stan" describes a particular kind of obsessed fan. It comes from the Eminem song, as well as being a combination of "stalker" and "fan."

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Recently, a friend on Twitter pointed out the Wikipedia page for Stan fans, which includes a list of "Popular 'Stan' groups." Here are the Top 10, ranked from worst to best.

10. Rowland Stones
Like everything Kelly Rowland does, this comes off as a pale imitation of something done better by Beyonce (see No. 3).

Stacy Schwartz for City Pages
J-Lo lovers are Jlovers. Get it?!?!

8. Lambs
Ugh, this name for fans of Mariah Carey is just the worst.

If you have to change your stan name, you've got a problem. Sorry, Katy Perry.

Stacy Schwartz for City Pages
The fan group for Carly Rae Jepsen sounds a little too much like a slur for Roma, which I'd call racist, maybe.

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