The Replacements end Riot Fest Denver set on hilarious note [VIDEO]

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Photo via Riot Fest's Facebook
The Flying Microwave Burrito Sisters: Tommy Stinson and Paul Westerberg
As predicted, the Replacements decided to close out their three-show Riot Fest reunion in style. Well, sort of. In a knowing nod to founding guitarist and drag aficionado Bob Stinson, frontman Paul Westerberg and bassist Tommy Stinson dressed in pink skirts -- along with matching plaid western shirts and orange cowboy hats -- for their performance at Riot Fest Denver on Saturday evening.

Based upon early reports from the Twitterati, this show met the expectations put forth in Toronto, and in Chicago. But, judging by a fan's video capturing the end of the set, Denver also allowed for more of the shambolic fun that has been the band's trademark from the beginning. With a bit of KISS and the Who, this thing really ripped open at the seams.

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Makes total sense, actually.

For this segment, Westerberg handed his guitar to Tommy and took over the drums while Josh Freese settled in on bass. The band laid into the KISS fist-pumper "Detroit Rock City" with the precision of a garbage compactor. After a minute of this confusion, he noted "We're getting warm!"

"You asked for us, we're here," Stinson said with a laugh. "We gotta send 'em away... happy," Westerberg then cut in. "We're gonna give you a song so you can, like, drive down the lonely, dark, two-lane highway." And, then he beat the crap out of the drum set until the sticks flew into the air as Stinson dashed of the opening chords of the Who's "Substitute." And then it deflated like a soggy brown paper bag. The guys then left the stage laughing.

Hopefully this will not the be last we see of the band in the near future. (I can't count the number of pleading comments we've received regarding local Replacements shows.) But this Riot Fest chapter ended in a tumble -- a joyous one at that -- reminding us that it's still only rock 'n' roll. I like that.

Our trusted associates at Denver alt-weekly Westword have piped in with full coverage of the Replacements in Denver with a full review here.

Please add your accounts of this "electrifying" conclusion in the comments.

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The end was great- we all thought they were going to come back on and play another song, but when Paul threw his mike in the crowd, we figured they were done.  Awesome show!

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