Prince posts "Purple Party" video from Paisley Park

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A still from Saturday's performance at Paisley Park
Saturday night's "October Surprise" turned out to be one of the most memorable Prince shows many have witnessed in a long time. Want some proof that it really happened? Mr. @3rdEyeGirl has posted a short video from the evening on YouTube. And apologies for all the alliteration in the headline.

The clip was taken during an exuberant portion of the evening following the band's performance of "Musicology" when he was leading a chant of "Ain't nothin' like a purple party, 'cause a purple party don't stop." As of this point, this is the only visual documentation of the event we've seen -- aside from some drawings by our friend at the Current.

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Aside from seeing the crowd and the love symbol looming in the background, this clip showcases a good portion of the New Power Generation.
"Real music played by real musicians" includes bassist Andrew Gouche, sax player Marcus Anderson, sax player Adrian Crutchfield, and the members of 3rdEyeGirl. And, natch, the Purple One leading the chant.

During the show, Prince did drop a question to the audience if they'd want to do it again "next weekend," so maybe this is just the beginning.

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I would have died to be there. Too bad these people at the front are barely moving. Dance people geez!

Marisa Myhre
Marisa Myhre

Not even a glimmer of what it was like to actually be there...and I was about as far back as you could be!! Worth every minute of the 3 hour line!

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