Taste of Minnesota making Harriet Island comeback in 2014

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Photo by Alexa Jones
Retribution Gospel Choir at Taste of Minnesota 2010
Harriet Island will play host to a large-scale festival again next year with the return of Taste of Minnesota. The long-running music and food fest was shut down in 2010 due to bankruptcy, but will be back next July.

The news comes after a quiet 2013 on the island when the Live Nation-bred River's Edge Festival, which debuted last year, didn't return.

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One of the best-known local brands for outdoor entertainment outside of the Minnesota State Fair, Taste of Minnesota began back in 1983, and graduated from a yearly staging on the Capitol grounds to Harriet Island. Star Tribune reports that Taste of Minnesota 2014 will be July 3-6. The report also details that the fest's new owner is 10K Lakes Inc., who bought from former manager Linda Maddox. Might be time to update the Facebook page.

In its last running on Harriet Island, Taste of Minnesota's music offerings included Atmosphere, Retribution Gospel Choir, Haley Bonar, P.O.S., and a ton of national acts ranging from 311 to Sammy Hagar to the Walkmen to Dawes. We will keep a close eye on the coming developments of this story.

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k2yeb topcommenter

From my experience the shows have been great and the food quite unrepresentative of the quality we have in this city. Chicago's is way better. 

Mike Autry
Mike Autry

Cool on fest, a ton of bands. Great pix of Al and Eric rockin RGC in 2010 – chew it, hit it!


It's been such a great money maker for everyone involved these last few years. Seems like a sound investment. #lmfao

Jon Martin
Jon Martin

creed should play of scoot snapp


I know it's a lot of work, but events like this should be nonprofit. Good community festivals are run as nonprofit entities, and many of them work well. There's no reason this can't be a for-profit event, but there's not a good reason that it should, other than there's not an organization to run it as a nonprofit. 

I loved writing and speculating about Andy's desire to make a buck off of everyone, and how taste was suddenly going to be a great music festival, a la Milwacky's Summerfest. Too bad Andy wasn't nearly as smart or savvy as he thought he was. 

I'd love to know whatever happened to that fool. 

Here was my favorite writing on the topic from 2010. (I wrote about it four or five times, but I'm not that big of a shill.) 2010! Where does the time go? Holy crap! http://ow.ly/pUZMy

Stefanie Megan Brown
Stefanie Megan Brown

They should get Judas Priest, 311, Offspring, and Atmosphere.......I'm so happy!

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

Because facepalm is too mainstream. Del Shane

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