The Artists' Quarter is closing

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Photo by Andrea Canter
Jeremy Pelt at the Artists' Quarter
Longtime St. Paul jazz institution the Artists' Quarter is shutting its doors at the end of the year. According to a Star Tribune report, the club was forced to end a three-decade run after its rent doubled in recent years.

The basement venue -- named City Pages' Best Jazz Club this year -- has been located in the Hamm Building near Rice Park since 2002, and prior to that it had stints in Lowertown and the Eat Street area of Minneapolis.

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"I cut my salary to where there's nothing left, and I still can't make the numbers work," owner Kenny Horst told Star Tribune. "I still have great nights here, but one great night a week doesn't cut it. People say, 'The place was packed when I was there.' The problem is everyone is there on the same night."

For the most seasoned and respected jazz players in the local scene -- Happy Apple, the Bad Plus, and Chris Bates among them --  this establishment was a home for countless residencies and release parties. A huge trove of online footage is here.

What remains will be the rest of the 2013 schedule until January 1, including a final weekend of "blowout" shows featuring players who gave the club such a rich history.

"I don't care what you read in the papers," St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman said during a press conference in late October. "We're going to make sure the Artists' Quarter stays open." Gimme Noise reached out to the mayor's office and received confirmation that Coleman "has made a commitment" to doing what he can to keep it open, but no other information was provided. Stay tuned.

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Very, very sad day for the Twin Cities! The Artists Quarter is far and away the BEST music venue for more than 100 miles - bar none! Worse, Jazz is losing one of the last best places to be heard. Jazz is struggling to keep real and AQ is the only place I can (could) count on to keep Jazz alive.

Very, very sad day


I loved the AQ, such a bummer. And they're making a new blues club at the old Station 4, we have enough blues bars already.


What is the opposite of "pleased and flipped" my lords and ladies? Hopefully there is a way to keep the AQ alive.

Dov Moen
Dov Moen

Really sad to hear about this. There have been so many great shows there.

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