The Head & the Heart at First Avenue, 10/27/13

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Photo by Youa Vang
The Head & the Heart
With Thao & the Stay Down Get Down and Quiet Life
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Sunday, October 27, 2013

Selling out First Avenue two nights in a row is a big feat for a band. Touring off their latest album Let's Be Still, Seattle's the Head and the Heart rolled through to promote an album that has taken their debut sound and added many more layers to it.

Opening to the recorded vocals of Charity Rose Thielen, the lone female in the band, on "Springtime," the 55-second song featured soaring vocals that transitions into the orchestral "Summertime." Jonathan Russell took the lead vocals on most of the songs, but many times traded off with Charity and Josiah Johnson. When they're not playing musical chairs with the lead, they blended their three-part harmonies over the six-piece band to form a choir that fills the room to the brim like in "Ghosts" and "Honey Come Home." "Honey Come Home" is from their self-titled debut album and is essentially a love song but comes from someone pleading for their loved one to come home after a breakup.
Photos by Youa Vang
The Head and the Heart's music is lyric-heavy. Unless you know the back story of it, "Another Story" could be interpreted in a different way. The song was written by Russell after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings last December. The piece talks without judgement telling of "the boy who lost his head" and how everyone's a little crazy, but we go on living with it.

Taking the lead on vocals, Josiah performed another lyrically-heavy song. "Josh McBride" was beautiful without ever being too sappy. While Russell had the deep bass vocals that has traces of smokiness in it, Johnson's voice is smoother like caramel and perfect for the quiet song.

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