Triple Rock launching The Hump dance night on Wednesdays

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Photo by Alex Uncapher
The DJs behind Triple Double at Triple Rock Social Club are back with a new night at a familiar spot. Back in May, Mike 2600 and Wzz Wnshp brought the five-year-old dance party to a close. As a result, many energetic souls lost a weekday hang with low-priced libations and a compelling mix of hip hop and deeper cuts that play nice with it. But the wait is over!

Starting in November, the people can frequent The Hump, a Wednesday evening gathering at Triple Rock.

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Instead of a 2-for-1 drink special, the night will continue to cater to budget-minded tipplers and go straight to a half-price model when The Hump begins on Wednesday, November 6.

The DJs in the house for the night will be Get Cryphy's Jimmy 2 Times, Mike 2600, Shannon Blowtorch, and Wzz Wnshp. The series is mapped out through the month of November, and will see appearances by Plain Ole Bill, Petey Wheatstraw, Jonathan Ackerman, Noam the Drummer, King Otto, Superbrush 427, and Slam Dunkapher.

Obviously, Wednesday is the hump day of a given week, but it's also an opportunity to drop in some Digital Underground. See you next month!

The Hump. 21+, No Cover, 10 p.m., Wednesdays starting November 6 at Triple Rock Social Club.

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Jonathan Carnes
Jonathan Carnes

Sad that I'll have to choose between Triple Rock and clubhouse Jäger.

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