10 Twin Cities music acts who deserve to be famous

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In a digital age driven by social media, an artist can make a song and a name for themselves over the course of a single afternoon. With the assistance of some prominent shares and retweets, things can move quickly. With Picked to Click, Gimme Noise's ultimate aim is to give some well-earned attention to the local acts who seem to be on the verge of breaking out. But frequently -- as with any award given out for artistic pursuits -- plenty of musicians who deserve recognition don't quite crack our coveted top 10.

Here is a list of 10 bands and artists around the Twin Cities worth your attention who could make a big name for themselves in the local music scene and beyond.

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Photo By Anthony Gilbert

10. K. Raydio & Psymun

After both of these local artists made waves separately, their recent work shows they are ready to take things to the next level as a collaborative duo. The vibrant combination of Psymun's fresh production and K. Raydio's smooth, resonant vocals forms a natural, potent mix. Their forthcoming full-length, LucidDreamingSkylines, is one of the most anticipated locally based on the stirring singles "Sirens" and "Jupiter," which are already receiving plenty of airplay in the Twin Cities. Some national love has already arrived too, including on the Questlove-affiliated high profile blog Okayplayer. If their LP delivers on the promise suggested by these evocative songs, 2014 is bound to be a breakout year for K. Raydio and Psymun.


9. Sun Gods to Gamma Rays

The atmospheric dream-pop act Sun Gods to Gamma Rays just released their exquisite debut EP, The Water, the Wave, earlier this month. (Prior to that, the sound evolved fluidly from the solo project of frontwoman Brianna Kocka, Caetani, into a pulsating quintet.) The collection has a stirring elegance to it, with plenty of space for the listener to be immersed and taken on Kocka's captivating lyrical journey. The EP's simmering, expansive title track perfectly captures the adventurous musical spirit and boundless talents of the band.


8. Hollow Boys

Hollow Boys are a moody garage-rock trio out of Minneapolis who released their terrific debut full-length, It's True, earlier this year, and they don't show any signs of slowing down. Ali Jaafar and company continue to write new material whenever inspiration strikes, while honing a stirring live show that continues to captivate local audiences. The bleak and brooding album was recorded in Jaafar's attic studio, where he regularly records and produces other local acts as well. And with songs as strong and vital as "Hater," "Blinding Light," and "Untrue," Hollow Boys have set a mercurial creative standard.

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