10 Twin Cities music acts who deserve to be famous

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3. Some Pulp

The fuzzed-out garage-rock duo Some Pulp have gradually burst onto the scene with a self-titled cassette-only collection that -- as good as it is -- only hints at how great they are live. In fact, their other substantial release, in addition to two rousing singles, was a scorching live set recorded at Kitty Cat Klub a few months after their cassette was released. But one thing is made quite clear when you listen to Some Pulp and see them live. Graham Barton and Dane Hoppe are on to something that has both a modern and timeless appeal. They've hit on a special sound that effortlessly sweeps you away.

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2. Allan Kingdom

On a night that was essentially a spirited coming-out party for both GRRRL PRTY and Four Fists, the young MC Allan Kingdom damn near stole the show. Breaking out a slew of tracks from his vibrant recent release Talk to Strangers, Kingdom and his crew even overcame a laptop crashing in the middle of the performance and delivered a memorable set. Allan's buoyant stage presence and boundless lyrical talents can win over any crowd. His rhymes are imaginative as well as enlightened. The Twin Cities music scene has warmly embraced a series of local hip-hop stars who have gone on to break it big on a national and worldwide stage, and all signs point to Allan Kingdom being the next one.



Back at Heliotrope 9 in 2012, several bands caught my attention, but one group's sound stuck with me long after. The electro-clash trio CLAPS' pulsating, saturnine set left me spellbound. On the just-released EP Lies/White Lies, the group's four moody, synth-driven songs contain hints of the future while being firmly rooted in the past. The disconsolate isolation within CLAPS' music gives it an icy edge that sets their sound apart, and they've churned out terrific releases for the past three years. It's time to give CLAPS the recognition that their inventive material deserves.

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