Eric Hutchinson: I'm honored to help remember Sue McLean

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In May of this year, the Twin Cities and the music scene lost an essential individual when Sue McLean died after a battle with cancer. She left behind a legacy of music and integrity, and now the music community is coming together to celebrate her life and share in her love for music.  

Before the tribute at First Avenue on Saturday, Eric Hutchinson shares with Gimme Noise some memories of the promoter and why he felt compelled to be part of such a big night.

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Set to headline the evening is Hutchinson, who had long been a favorite of Sue's. After Perez Hilton voiced his admiration of the singer's music a few years back, Eric got some radio play, and became a tour fixture locally, especially at colleges near the Twin Cities.

"I love playing Minneapolis and St. Paul," he says. "The people are great music lovers, and there's a great culture and rhythm there." His draw to the area was forged by McLean; Sue had Eric on her radar, integrating him into her group of national artists with Minnesota connections. When the tribute concert was brought up, Eric immediately wanted to be a part of the event, stating emphatically, "It wasn't even an option when I heard about it. I just had to do it. I'm honored to remember Sue, to help raise money for her daughter Lilly, and I never miss a chance to play First Ave!"

The proceeds of the evening will benefit the Lilly McLean Fund; Lilly is Sue's surviving daughter. Along with ticket sales, there will be a live auction during the event that includes pieces of music memorabilia from Sue's personal collection.

Besides the money raised on Saturday evening, the night will be a celebration of a life of someone that made an impression of anyone that knew -- or even met -- Sue. "
Sue was always a fresh, inspiring, energetic person," he says. "She had an independent spirit, and I loved doing shows with her. Even when she couldn't be at the show, there'd always be a bottle of champagne or flowers waiting for me backstage after the show."

The concert will bring into the fold local acts along with Hutchinson's acoustic set, and embody Sue's motto: "Live music is good for your soul."


A Tribute to Sue McLean at First Avenue. Saturday, November 23, 2013. 18+, $50, 6 pm
Click here for tickets.

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