Steve Aoki at Epic, 11/9/13

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Steve Aoki
with Waka Flocka Flame, Borgore, Felix Cartal, and Deorro
Epic, Minneapolis
Saturday, November 9, 2013

Steve Aoki brought an insanely intense crowd of young dancing maniacs to a number of peaks with his unique brand of gigantic sounds and chaotic showboating. Saturday at Epic, the variety show included dubstep from Borgore, electro-house from Felix Cartal, and rap from Waka Flocka. It resembled a festival in both range and excitement levels.

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Deorro started the night off with standard peak-and-valley EDM, bringing the audience up with triumphant drops only to interrupt energy with yet another build. The actual music spun certainly provided the eager fans what they were looking for, but the insistent tension-building/vocal-sample/drop formula wore thin as it went on. But, keep in mind, City Pages was among the only ones at the event taking dutiful notes instead of mood-enhancing substances, so any criticisms aren't really in line with the audience. And much of the X'd hands of the main crowd looked like they were already having the time of their lives, even as early as 8 p.m.

As Waka Flocka Flame's DJ began to setup, he asked people to hand him their weed so that he could smoke onstage. It was nice to see some legitimate Atlanta trap versus the EDM rebranding. Waka himself basically defined the sound as we've known it since 2009 by rapping over Lex Luger beats. If the addition of a rap act seemed left-field on this tour, Waka's focus on-stage energy instead of actually rapping was reminiscent of Aoki's own chaotic push-button sets. There was a lot of lip-syncing but it's hard to say that a set that riled so many people up is a bad rap set.

Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen
He was immensely entertaining, and spent most of his time running around rapping at the crowd. The beats featured live drums and incessant gun sounds. At one point, he sprayed the crowd with some sort of mist with diabolical glee. Leaving after performing the massive "Hard in the Paint," Waka's set met with thunderous applause and screaming, which continued into the DJ dropping "Hard in the Paint", again. Waka would return to perform during the other DJs' sets, and spent most of the rest of the night upstairs smoking blunts with fans in the VIP area.
Quickly after Steve Aoki arose from behind his glowing stage playing "No Beef," wearing a vest illuminated by colored lights, the music suddenly stopped. Security flooded the front stage as staff attempted to repair a barricade that had been broken thanks to a barrage of unruly fans.

"Epic Nightclub, you need to invest in a better barricade!" said Aoki amidst the atypical backdrop of silence. "You guys gotta be careful. Let them fix the barricades so I can play music again!" Once the issue had been resolved, his Afrojack collaboration kicked in again and the crowd resumed insanity. The sold-out show was packed with hyped fans, and a sheen of youthful exuberance hung above the night. Aoki continued with hits ranging from his song "Turbulence" with Lil' Jon and his song "A Light That Never Scenes" with Linkin Park, and his trademark stage madness began in full force.

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Michael J. Kraemer
Michael J. Kraemer

I had a blast but i left after Aoki. I had no interest in seeing Borgore or whoever was after him.

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

if someone didn't get shot it must have gone well

Brent Colquhoun
Brent Colquhoun

Well whatever people can do to have a good long as it doesn't cause a murder ! ~Frank Zappa

Chris Blackburn
Chris Blackburn

Your article says "It appeared to me that Epic wasn't within the fire code regulations for capacity" however before throwing blame on the promoter with the comment "Many things are out of your control at these shows, but ticket sales are not one of them" did you validate that this was in fact the case?

ajlalk3 topcommenter

I like how, in an article in which you had no problem with young people using drugs and getting "turnt up", you have a problem with the use of a headdress.


@Chris Blackburn Where did the reviewer say what you have in quotes?  I don't see any talk of fire regulations or ticket sales? 


@ajlalk3 What do the two have to do with eachother? Oranges to apples ajlalk3.

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