Atmosphere release Welcome to MN song, "Color in the Snow"

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Artwork by Tatiana Craine; courtesy of Creative Commons/B Fresh/A Prairie Home Companion

Mental Picture of the Year props to Toki Wright for his line in the new Rhymesayers collaboration, "Color in the Snow." The rapper announces his Twin Cities prominence in the following amusing fashion, "Now it's me and Garrison Keillor on the four-wheeler sippin' tequila." And once we heard that timely reminder of Wright's appearance on Keillor's 2004 "Rhubarb" show, it was essential to make this visual a reality.

Compared to the tone of last year's "It Ain't the Prettiest," the yearly tradition that features Atmosphere's Welcome to Minnesota tourmates, this one's a tad sunnier with its piano-based beat.

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The song debuted on 2013's final installment of the Current's Wednesday evening hip-hop show, H2, hosted by Rhymesayers' Kevin Beacham and Siddiq.

Fresh Rhymesayers signee Dem Atlas, No Bird Sing's Joe Horton, and Wright all drop verses after Slug on "Color in the Snow." As you can already tell, it is a playful showcase of four nuanced voices with some freestyle mischief unfolding in these bars.

This is a jam to take a leak all over those winter blahs. Pump it.

The Welcome to Minnesota dates launch in February. More details are here.

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So funny.  I've been waiting for new Toki Wright.  Rhymesayers is the best.  

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I like it.  I'm starting to get excited for Dem Atlas's solo release.  

Meli Ndubi
Meli Ndubi

Toki Wright... Whaaaaa....???!!?! ;)

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