Charlie Parr records with Alan Sparhawk on his new album, Hollandale

Photo By Rich Narum

The venerable Duluth folk musician Charlie Parr is set to release a distinctive new album on January 28, Hollandale, filled with unvarnished instrumental songs inspired by early 20th Century folk blues. The new collection, Parr's 12th full-length album, was engineered specifically for vinyl, and will be released by Duluth's own Chaperone Records.

Parr also had the opportunity of working with Low's Alan Sparhawk on the new record, and he has graciously shared a lovely new song from the record, "Barn Swallows At Twilight" that features the duo's deft collaboration.

"The songs will never come out that way again, but that's alright," Parr says about the improvisational heart of his new material. "They'll come out some other way, and that's what I love about this style of music. Without lyrics occupying the songs, the (challenge) was to create something that makes sense. I was more relaxed recording than ever before."

The sprightly music featured on Hollandale is driven forward by Parr's unique tunings on his Resonator and banjo, as the masterful musician crafts evocative story-lines in his songs even without singing a word. The stark, spacious wonder of Parr's surroundings color his new material, bringing his listeners with him to Duluth and beyond through his studied, expressive sounds.


"When I listen to music, I feel like it's mine," Parr says. "I like people to know where my music comes from. But once it's out of my hands, it's theirs."

You can be part of this very special musical transference from artist to audience when Charlie Parr performs at the Cedar Cultural Center on Saturday, February 1.

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