Poliça at Mill City Nights, 11/29/13

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Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
with Marijuana Deathsquads
Mill City Nights, Minneapolis
Friday, November 29, 2013

Mill City Nights played host this past weekend to Poliça and Marijuana Deathsquads' two-night homecoming after a month-long national tour. It was clear they were happy to back. Friday night's show saw a packed venue and an excited pair of local bands made good.

Over the past year or so, the profiles of both groups have risen considerably. That's relatively quick considering Poliça's short existence and Deathsquads' initial laissez-faire attitude. As their latest project Oh My Sexy Lord proved, the latter's sonic freakout tightened as the group solidified into a more official touring and recording group. But their set maintained the explosive chaos that sparked their origins and made them such an intriguing unit.

Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen
With fog wafting around the trio of drummers and visual projections playing over the five-person huddle, all knob-twiddling and yelping through distorted filters, their stage presence is all-encompassing. It's refreshing to hear the rhythms of tropical bass coincide with dubstep's angry drops and drone's gigantic sound wash, all triggered with the punk mindset these would-be electronic gurus beside the pummel of a rock drum trifecta. Their sound is really unlike anything else. 

Marijuana Deathsquads wasn't just a great fit for opener because the bands share members. Beyond the label connection, Ryan Olson's producer role in both groups, and the multiple drummer angle, the bands share a sense of sonic exploration that really came to light seeing them back to back.

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