Riff Raff at the Fine Line, 12/21/13

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Photo By Anna Gulbrandsen

Riff Raff
With Alex Wiley, Allan Kingdom, and Audio Perm
Fine Line, Minneapolis
December 21, 2013

To his fans, Riff Raff isn't a mere rapper. He's a deity. This was clear as an anxious swarm of admirers braved last night's frigid 17 degree weather to form a line stretching from the Fine Line for more than an entire city block, in hopes of gaining entry to the already packed venue for what proved to be quite the hip-hop spectacle.

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Opener Allan Kingdom, an eclectic hip-hop artist hailing originally from Canada and now calling the Twin Cities home, wasn't without his own fans. Local hip-hop favorite P.O.S., Ryan Olson of Marijuana Deathsquads and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver were all in attendance Saturday night to support their favorite new rapper.

Photo By Anna Gulbrandsen
Allan Kingdom
They described Kingdom as a talented artist, and his set obviously demonstrated their claims. Kingdom's music adheres to no single genre, and his flow was smooth, confident, and at times filled with palpable raw emotion.

Riff Raff himself walked upon the stage as if he were ascending the throne to a kingdom of spring breakers, going absolutely apeshit for their ruler. Inflated plastic dolphins and a shark hurled angrily from one side of the crowd to the other, often finding their way onstage and even landing perilously atop DJ Dolfz's gear. "What's up? I could have played for the Vikings!," Riff Raff shouted, and then popped a bottle of champagne, showering the first several rows of revelers with foam and bubbly.

A former Hibbing Community College student, Riff Raff spent a portion of his life shuffling between Houston, TX., and Duluth, MN. His career and persona have evolved considerably, first garnering national attention from an appearance on MTV's From G's to Gents, then solidifying with the alliance of himself, Simon Rex, and Andy Milonakis as the rap trio Three Loko. He has since been signed briefly to Soulja Boy's label, and is now set to release his album, Neon Icon, on powerhouse producer Diplo's label, Mad Decent. The album drops on January 28, and includes collaborations with Drake, Skrillex, and A$AP Rocky, among many others.

Photos By Anna Gulbrandsen

As Riff Raff stormed through his opening songs, a myriad of scantily-clad girls either climbed up or threw themselves upon the stage, in hopes of sharing it with the man himself for just one blissful moment. Burly security guards flanking the stage were at the ready, hurling the ladies back into the chaotic audience. Finally, Riff Raff permitted a selected few to twerk spasmodically around him. An onlooker, offended by the display of 18+ twerkery, exclaimed, "Oh, hell no!"

Victor, Riff Raff's brother, served as a hype man and back-up vocalist for the duration of the show. After the twerking girls were sent back into the crowd, Victor donned a velvet Santa Claus hat, picked up a plastic tub of melting ice, and asked, "Who wants to get the ice bucket dumped on 'em?" He then proceeded to empty the freezing contents of the tub on a cluster of fans before him. There was a collective gasp heard. After the show, when reminded that these unfortunate folks would be forced to brave below-freezing temperatures in their soaking garments, Victor smiled and remarked, "They'll be fine."

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