Riff Raff: Whatever somebody thinks of me, I'm probably the opposite

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On Saturday evening, Riff Raff and company graced the Fine Line with their own special brand of rap insanity. Inflatable sea animals soared over the crowd, and the stage was a frenzy of rapping, push-ups, and poppin' bottles.

While stalking Riff on the internet in preparation for writing my review of the show, I couldn't help but to become further intrigued. The man himself is an enigma. What I saw on Friday night only served to further pique my curiosity.

After his performance, I was able to corner Riff downstairs at the Fine Line, but there was such a crazy party vibe there that Riff and DJ Dolfz insisted that I join them for brunch the next morning so that we could kick back and have a real conversation.

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I brought some questions that his fans had for him, but mainly I just wanted to get to know the real person behind the internet sensation. Riff walked in with DJ Dolfz and their right-hand-man, Kane (if you were at the show on Saturday, Kane was the extremely tall, intimidating man with gold teeth and a gold chain who joined Riff onstage), and I immediately felt the chill vibes they all exude.

Over lobster cakes and eggs Benedict, we shot the shit like we had been homies forever. Only once did another patron at the restaurant approach our table to have her photo taken with Riff -- she was so nervous, it was adorable. Before heading off to Iowa for their next show, they all gave me a hug and thanked me for hanging out.

Gimme Noise: Did you have a nickname when you were a kid?

Riff: Yeah. It was JODi SHiNOBi. 'Cause I would take swords to school, and I would try to have show and tell every day. But they were like, okay, you can't have show and tell every day. I'm like yeah...you can. I'm like yeah, every day. Show and tell.

So you wanted to be a sword fighter, then?

Um, I can't say that. I can't say that.

Okay, well when did you decide you wanted to be a rapper?

I didn't ever decide to be a rapper, I think this is...

DJ Dolfz: I think he was kind of born into it.

Riff: Yeah, I think this is just a natural situation that happened. But, I'm not just this rapper. I mean, I'm moving towards other things. I don't know, I can't even say that I'll be doing rap music for the next couple of years. Like, right now what I'm getting into is inventing things. So I think if that happens, I mean I might not do music anymore.

What have you invented?

I can't say that. But I have inventions in the works...

Cool. So, your fans want to know if you actually do skateboard.

No, not really, I just do it for fun. If I really tried to I would probably fall down too much, and that's not nice. The ground is not nice.

Kane: Like, 'Oh, thanks ground.'

Riff: This is the thing. Gravity is not nice. I never had someone be like, 'Oh, check out this gravity!'

Kane: 'The gravity is nice today.'

Riff: 'Check out what the gravity did to my knee.' Or like, a 70-year-old lady: 'Hey! Look what the gravity did to my tits! Look how saggy they are!' Gravity sucks.


They want to know how you feel about Miley Cyrus. They want to know if you'd sleep with Miley Cyrus, if you had the opportunity?

Riff: I'd be appreciative of the opportunity, but I don't know, that opportunity would have to present itself.

OK. Kane, you're a Justin Bieber fan?

I'm not a Bieber fan, I just like him. He's a cool guy.

Riff: I'm a Bieber fan!

DJ Dolfz:
You know what it is? When you see Bieber, he's constantly with security, and he's looking kind of...like, people assume 'douchery'. But he's just trying to get through a crowd, because people are trying to attack him! Imagine getting death threats every day?

Have you guys had any situations like that, where people just won't leave you alone?

Riff: Yeah! Every day, all day! I mean, I do what I want, but...you're gonna get stopped a lot. Like, 'Do a freestyle for me!' But if I don't feel like doing something, I'm not gonna do it. I'm not a puppet, I'm not gonna dance, I'm not a clown.

DJ Dolfz:
Some people assume that the RiFF RAFF is an on and off button. Its him, though. That's how he is. Its not on and off.

Riff: I mean, if I'm happy, I'm happy. If I'm sad, I'm sad. You can't just walk up to LeBron James when he's in the park with his kids and be like, 'Shouldn't you be playing basketball somewhere? Shouldn't you be shooting jumpers, and working out?' I mean, he's just chillin'! It doesn't mean he can't play basketball. It means that he's chillin' right now! It doesn't mean that I can't write songs, or do music, it just means I'm not doing that shit right now. I'm off the clock.

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