Steel Panther at First Avenue, 12/17/13

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Photo by Erik Hess

Steel Panther
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Comedian Dave Chappelle set the record for the most genitalia jokes at First Avenue during his recent four-night stand this year, but then along came Steel Panther. With relentless penis, ejaculation and inventive expressions of their own obsession with lady parts, the Los Angeles hair metal revivalists truly raised (or lowered) the bar. With each of the four members never holding back during the 16-song set, the group whipped up the sold-out Mainroom crowd with power chords, a classic pop metal sound, and their dirty mouths.

Like a sort of musical theater, Steel Panther provided a sheer release that lays heavy on nostalgia. Their exaggerated references might've started as parody, but they end up as something super real.

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With lyrics that are either tongue-in-cheek or tongue in other significant body parts, lead singer Michael Starr's presence dripped with as much hair spray and testosterone as expletives did from his mouth. Playing up every '80s metal power ballad Starr led his band and the audience through several crass sing-alongs from the band's last two records, 2009's Feel the Steel and last year's Balls Out.

Never shy about their sexual fetishes, the between song banter between Starr and guitarist Satchel veered on the absurd and comedic. They ultimately devolved into more fabled sexual exploits and lewd descriptions in riff-driven rockers, "Asian Hooker" and "Just like Tiger Woods."


Photos by Erik Hess

"We like to party and we love pussy. It looks like we got a party here tonight, Mortherfuckers!" screeched Starr. "Hey so this is the place Prince played before he got big?"

Chiming in, Satchel clarified, "He's only 5'4", he never got big!"

Finishing off "Let Me Cum In," Satchel, who looks like a cross between all four members of Dokken, took an extended guitar solo.

Playing off every heavy metal cliché, Steel Panther demonstrated an efficiency with their instruments that is quite palpable and inspired an abandon in their well-lubricated audience. These people were grinding on one another in alcohol-fueled tandem with each suggestive verse.

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