The best Twin Cities concerts of 2013, part two

Photo by Erik Hess

As 2013 winds down with a wintry bang, the unforgettable live music moments from the second half of the year are enough to still keep us warm.

While some of the bands who were included in our best concerts list from the first half of the year came back to rock our stages with equally potent -- if not better -- local gigs (namely CHVRCHES, Prof, Poliça, and Prince), we've assembled an entirely new list of performers who put on incredible shows from July through December that those of us who were there won't forget anytime soon.

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Photo By Erik Hess

15. Paramore at Roy Wilkins Auditorium, 11/23/13

From Youa Vang's review: "To integrate the Twin Cities into their show, the band invited the Hopkins High School choir to sit in on "Ain't It Fun," repeating the phrase and mantra "Don't go crying to your mama, 'cause you're on your own in the real world." Need more something to break the monotony of playing the same set every night? The most romantic, poignant piece by the band "The Only Exception" had a couple getting engaged during the song. Hayley shared she was glad it was a surprise or she would have been a crying mess during the piece."

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Photo by Tony Nelson
Tapes 'n Tapes at CC Club's 80th Anniversary

14. CC Club's 80th Anniversary, Friday and Saturday, 12/6-7/13

From Jeff Gage's review: "It's been a landmark year for the CC Club in a lot of ways, and these two nights of concerts were a perfect way to cap it all off. The place has come a long way in recent months, considering that less than 12 months ago there was some cause to wonder whether the place would even still be around at this point. But the new owners from next door neighbors French Meadow have been good to their word on preserving what has become the last real holdout of a bygone neighborhood."

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Photo By Kyle Matteson

13. Colin Meloy at the Woman's Club, 11/13/13

From Erik Thompson's review: "Gorgeous, stunning versions of "Engine Driver" and "On the Bus Mall" proved to be high points of the show, before Meloy played two new songs for us. The first one, currently called "Philomena," is "My take on 'Blurred Lines,'" Meloy joked. "Every male artist should have something like this in his proverbial quiver. Who knows, maybe it will become a summer jam?" The bawdy song had some strong sexual undercurrents, which Colin addressed flippantly. "Playing that song in the Woman's Club likely gave it the extra dimension it needed. You can hear the Edwardian ladies titter."

Photo By Ryan Siverson

12. Amphetamine Reptile's Bash 13 at Grumpy's, 7/20/13

From Erik Thompson's review: "Mudhoney was making their first Minneapolis appearance in over a decade, and the dynamic quartet certainly made the most of it, delivering a knockout set that was far and away the best of the day. The feisty performance featured a fluid blend of stone-cold classics and defiant new material (from their recently released Sub Pop effort, Vanishing Point), with "Slipping Away" and "I Don't Remember You" coming alongside slacker anthems like "You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face)," "Suck You Dry," and "Touch Me I'm Sick" all delivered with the same snide attitude that made them compelling back in the day, with Mark Arm, Steve Turner, Dan Peters, and Guy Maddison not showing any signs of rust nor any hints of slowing down any time soon."

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Photo By Anna Gulbrandsen

11. El-P and Killer Mike at Varsity Theater, 7/19/13

From Zach McCormick's review: "Killer Mike has such a fearsome delivery that he doesn't even really need to move. Standing at a monolithic six foot something and built like an NFL lineman, the Killer is a master of the hardcore ATL style, nimbly switching between a swaggering baritone and a growling bellow that command attention whenever he touches the microphone. Ringing in the headliners with the massive, El-P produced "Big Beast," the MC mugged like a reigning heavyweight while the songs piercing uptemo trap beat caused a surge in the crowd's front rows."

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