Zach Sobiech's "Clouds" performed by choir of thousands at Mall of America

Photo by Erik Hess
The impressive story of Zach Sobiech keeps traveling on after the young singer's death earlier this year. On Thursday, about 4,000 of his fans gathered at Mall of America to sing and remember the brave 18-year-old who held tight to the songs in his heart even when cancer was attacking his body.

The event, organized by KS95, marked the one-year anniversary of the debut of the Stillwater High graduate's "Clouds." The uplifting acoustic single soon went viral, amassed more than 8 million YouTube views, and eventually rose to number one on the iTunes and Billboard charts.

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Here's video via 5 Eyewitness News from the event. Participants all wore light blue T-shirts as part of the "Largest Clouds Choir," and as you can hear, the harmonies expand the song in ways you've never heard before. The entire Rotunda of the mall was packed with voices.

Sobiech died on May 20 following a battle with osteosarcoma, but stayed positive right up to the end.

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