Ashley DuBose's cover of Lorde's "Royals" is regal

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During her run on The Voice, Ashley DuBose did the Twin Cities proud and proved her vocal cords are versatile enough to handle just about anything. She's got soulful poise out to the tips of her fingers. It's no surprise that Nicholas David, another alum from the NBC talent competition, had her open for him this past December during his headlining show at First Ave.

DuBose broke out her rendition of Rihanna's "Diamonds" that garnered her recognition on The Voice, and then took it further with a full-band take on Lorde's surprise hit "Royals."  

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As the song develops, it really starts to scorch the place. DuBose eases herself into the melody and expands its boundaries ever so slightly. The way Mary J. Blige might do it. And the jazz flute? Why the heck not?

At this point, Ashley DuBose has proven numerous times that she's the owner of a stunning voice. She lifted up material that was below her ability on TV, and she did it with confidence. Now, let's hear some new studio material from this new Queen Bee in 2014.

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I thought it was cool cover. Nice work Ashley. Its too bad you had to go up against Tessanne.. You should have made it further in the competition. Also, dont cover train anymore.. They are terrible. 

Jimmy Yang
Jimmy Yang

She's got a voice but that performance was unimpressive. Idk what you talking about.


What is "regal" about that cover? It's aweful!

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