The Beyhive on Etsy: Best Beyoncé creations

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Kaesthetics on etsy.
Even if you've already purchased Beyoncé's excellent self-titled album, there are still a ton of ways to further show your appreciation. Nothing proves membership in the Beyhive clan like something one-of-a-kind tastefully displayed in your cubicle, your locker, or above the fireplace at home.

Even if it should be, being drunk in love with Mrs. Carter isn't for everyone -- but 14 songs and 17 music videos seem paltry for the true Bey-lievers. Over on Etsy, here's a bunch of amazing Beyoncé fan art worth a look, if not worth immediate purchase.

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AzaleaPatricia on etsy.

Pucker up with this 'Girls Love Beyoncé' print by AzaleaPatricia.

thePisforPenis on etsy.
This print is part of 'Slaughterhouse Starlets', a series of popular celebrities depicted in the realm of horror and slasher films by thePisforPenis on etsy. We won't go into what kinds of issues fans of this print might have...
MunchkinArt on etsy.
Duck face, crossed eyes and Terry Richardson's glasses, oh my! Silly face Beyoncé drawing by MunchkinArt.

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