Gimme Noise's most popular posts of 2013

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Erik Hess
From underrated hipster bars to "pretty reckless" musicians, 2013 was a big year for the music scene in Minnesota. Raise your PBR a glass to the most-read posts on Gimme Noise from this year.
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10. MTV debuts Minnesota music scene documentary MTV came to town and brought the national spotlight to some of our most-talented musicians.
Tony Nelson
9. Taylor Momsen: I grew up wanting to be Robert Plant and wanting to fuck Jimmy Page The Pretty Reckless frontwoman got candid with Gimme Noise.
Courtesy of Glenn Danzig
8. Glenn Danzig: Democrats are fascists disguised as liberals The Misfits legend gave us a piece of his mind before the 25th Anniversary of Danzig show at Myth.
Steven Cohen
7. Top 15 best underrated Twin Cities hipster bars The finest under-the-radar spots to get a drink (or a few) in the metro.
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6. Prince, New Power Generation, and 3rdEyeGirl to play at Paisley Park This year, the hallowed gates of Paisley Park were opened to the public not once, but twice.

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