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theSecondFace on etsy

Redefinition is one of the things true Prince fans have loved about him all these years. From his many different backing ensembles, his nicknames (or lack of a name), and his emergence on social media, the only thing that stays the same is that nothing stays the same. After the Super Bowl, his purple highness will appear on New Girl, and help Zooey Deschanel redefine the possibilities of sitcom television.

What better way to show some appreciation than to take part in some creative interpretation of Prince's appearance? Some of the finest Prince fan art can be found and purchased on Etsy, and you can sample it below.

We're loving the wide-angle perspective of Prince in this painting by theSecondFace on etsy (above).
unicornatopia on etsy
Prince riding on a Unicorn... it's totally possible. Print by unicornatopia.
RobOsborne on etsy.
This Purple One Loves You print by RobOsborne has a modern, gaudy Lichtenstein feel.

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Brian Steidl
Brian Steidl

Is it ground hog day? If Prince sees his shadow will he only sing sings about spiders from Egan? (Eagan is a burb in MSP)

Nedra Mataić
Nedra Mataić

I want that last one with the white Cloud guitaaaar

Alison Draper
Alison Draper

No like we need to have more self indulge people on tv. Sure he is a great performer but his personality is in need of work.

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