SLITT: Our band name means "Raccoon Demon Hiss"

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SLITT is not a band for your mother -- unless she's a raunchy lady. This Minneapolis-based band is in your face, and just plain hilarious. According to their bio, the group hails from the toughest streets of eastern Europe and promises to melt your face with their music. Outside of the face-melting, their self-titled debut album delivers metal riffs from decades past but with a new flavor opening up arteries with razor sharp wit.

Before the band's album release at the 7th Street Entry on Friday evening, Gimme Noise spoke with BeefSleave a.k.a Mitchell about the band's origin and their love of heavy metal.

Band Members: Thick Pricklund, Knife Dickerson, BeefSleave, Matt

Gimme Noise: Where does the name SLITT come from?

BeefSleave: It comes from a dead language once spoken in our Eastern European homeland. It translates as "raccoon demon hiss," and describes the pure rage of a rabid raccoon. It's a common phenomenon in our land. We are unaware of any other contemporary meaning, interpretation, or double entendre referring to lady parts.

You include a lot of parody/sarcasm in what you do. Are you ever concerned that people won't take you seriously?


Your bio reads a lot like what you do in music, but in a sense it falls in line with a lot of storytelling and a weaving of the truth. Where do you think you got your talent to spin a tale? How and why did you carry it into the music portion of your lives?

Storytelling is an important part of our culture and was a means of survival during the war. Knife Dickerson vividly recalls the time his mother was arrested for wearing mismatched socks, violating an edict from the Supreme Commander. Old Lady Dickerson kept her cool, looked the arresting soldiers in the eye, and over the course of 37 minutes spewed a story that included four dwarfs, a New Kids On the Block lunch box, a vomiting kangaroo, and a box of half-eaten Cheerios. She was executed on the spot for her weak plot, and the lack of an antagonistic character.

The greatest metal bands still around today survive because of their storytelling abilities. The rest are just English majors working as baristas "until they finish their novel." Bands like Iron Maiden, Anthrax, and Overkill are pure storytellers. Also, they shred super hard. When was the last time you heard Whitesnake? Exactly.

Why do you think the metal sound worked its way into your band's sound?

Great question...really great question... My older brother Alexi lost his life during a game of bulldozer chicken at our town carnival. As the two behemoth machines collided, their wrenching metal uncorked a sound like one I'd never heard before. In his last act, my brother threw up those devil horns and let out a guttural, earth-shattering shriek that would make a Disney princess shit her dress. It was an honorable death.

After shedding a single tear, I burned Alexi's corpse in a pit of gasoline as per custom. My final words to my fallen brother were, "Koji je bio toliko metal" which translates to, "That was so metal." From then on I decided that I would only be a part of things which could also be described as "toliko metal."

Was "Cocaine Neighborhood" an autobiographical tale?

"Cocaine Neighborhood" is an English translation of the "Рентген оэлектрока рдиограф ического," an affluent section of Eastern Europe's capital city. Before the war, I, BeefSleave, spent many lonely hours gazing longingly through the barred gates separating Cocaine Neighborhood from the surrounding slums. I longed to know what their life was like, much like a young F. Scott Fitzgerald on your Summit Avenue.

When war came, the White Guard razed Cocaine Neighborhood. They left nothing but burned out buildings, mangled corpses and broken dreams. To this day it remains little more than a snow-crusted wasteland. The song describes the yearning in a child's imagination and the pain of learning that it can never be realized. It is also about doing the drug cocaine -- like a lot of it.

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