Strange Names post "Ricochet" from debut album, Common Attraction

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Photo by Erik Hess
Strange Names at R.T. Rybak's Unauguration at First Avenue earlier this month

Fresh off Strange Names being announced as one of the performers at the Current's 9th Birthday soiree, the guys have revealed a new single, "Ricochet." The song from former Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak's favorite new band will appear on Liam Benzvi and Francis Jimenez's debut full-length album, Common Attraction.

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Much like the previous stuff from the Strange Names oeuvre, this upbeat, clap-along pop track has an undeniable time machine component to it. Recorded locally at the Terrarium with producer Chris Heidman, there's an immediate bounce to "Ricochet" spraying from its vintage drums and bass line. If it has you dusting off some CDs obtained in your "12 for a penny" deal with Columbia House in 1989, it's cool.

And the cover for the single has an undeniable denim component to it.

Strange Names will perform with Lizzo, Har Mar Superstar, and Actual Wolf on Friday, January 24 at the Current's 9th Birthday Party at First Avenue. Ticket info here.

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