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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

This week we get things going at Local Frames with a new video from Poliça, for two of the standout tracks on their recent record, Shulamith. We've also got brand new videos from Jeremy Messersmith, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles' new musical venture -- Field Trip, the 4onthefloor, Chris Koza, Jillian Rae, and a cover of "Lovefool" by Joey Ryan & the Inks, Fort Wilson Riot, and We Are The Willows. We're also featuring a cool profile on Hymie's Vintage Records, a new lyric video from Atmosphere in honor of the Current's birthday, and a brief preview of Chastity Brown's forthcoming Lowertown Line episode. Enjoy!

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Poliça - "I Need $ / So Leave"

Minneapolis quartet Poliça are currently in the midst of a high-profile tour of Europe, but the group just released a striking new video for "I Need $ / So Leave," two of the highlights of their new record, Shulamith. The video is directed by Isaac Ravishankara, and comes from a concept developed by frontwoman Channy Leaneagh and Ravishankara. Leaneagh plays the role of a hotel maid, who turns to music on her headphones to ease her way through her work, while discovering something new with each door she opens. But she becomes entirely lost when she finishes her shift, wandering the streets looking for a purpose as the video draws to a somber close.

Jeremy Messersmith - "Ghosts"

The hype and anticipation continues to build for Jeremy Messersmith's forthcoming new album, Heart Murmurs, which is due out on February 4. This is the first official video drawn from the new record for "Ghosts," and the track's poignant lyrics are given an arty backdrop as a series of paintings help illustrate the sentiments of the vulnerable but entirely catchy number. It's a stylish clip for a song that perfectly captures Messersmith's songwriting talents, which are about to be shared with a much wider audience due to the album being released by Glassnote, NPR streaming the record in advance of its release, and Rolling Stone premiering this video earlier today. Jeremy has two shows coming up at First Avenue on February 21-22 (the second night is already sold-out), but those of you who'd like to see him in a more intimate setting should order his album from Electric Fetus and get a pass to see Jeremy play a special breakfast show on Sunday, February 16.

Field Trip - "Apple Tree (North Shore Sessions)"

Due to some recent band departures in the Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles camp (Jesse Schuster is playing with Caroline Smith full-time, and guitarist Matt Latterel is focusing on his own music), the four remaining bandmates have decided to regroup under the name Field Trip and continue to make music together under their new moniker. This spare, intimate clip of the band playing a new track, "Apple Tree," as part of the always awesome North Shore Sessions, gives fans an idea of the new but familiar direction they are taking their sound. Field Trip just spent some time in Brooklyn writing and recording some new songs which they aim to release as an EP this fall, and hopefully they will share their new material with their loyal local fans in a live setting sometime soon.

The 4onthefloor - "Engine No. 4"

The 4onthefloor
are back with a rousing new video for "Engine No. 4," one of the standout tracks on their recent record, Spirit of Minneapolis. The cinematic video, which was directed by Brian Suerth, features a beautiful hitchhiker with a dark side, and plenty of picturesque shots of Jordan, Minnesota and Waldoch Farms. It all builds to a dramatic finish, both in the song and the clip, which both serve to compliment the propulsive spirit that beats at the heart of the band itself.

Joey Ryan & the Inks + Fort Wilson Riot + We Are The Willows - "Lovefool"

To promote their upcoming show together at the Turf Club on Saturday night, Joey Ryan & the Inks, Fort Wilson Riot, and We Are The Willows came up with a cool concept -- cram all three bands into a rehearsal space together and play a dynamic cover of the Cardigans' hit, "Lovefool." The sprawling version works well to capture the distinctive talents of all three groups, who clearly are having a fun time in the clip while breathing new life into the '90s anthem. The video for the clip was shot by Jeremiah Satterthwaite & Travis Collins, while the audio was captured by Ryan Mach. While there is no guarantee that the groups will get together and play this together at the Turf on Saturday night, this enthralling video certainly gets people's attention in a good way, while uniquely promoting the show itself.

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