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Credits, clockwise from top left: Nate Ryan, Cameron Wittig, Rebecca McDonald, Steve Cohen, Chad Rieder, and Leslie Plesser

Update: The poll is closed. We have revealed the winner.

It comes down to this. Gimme Noise asked for your nominations for best Twin Cities music photographer, and you gave us 104 people taking pictures locally! We narrowed the field to 20 finalists, and then profiled each of them.

Now, it's time for the final round of voting. Below is a poll to show your support for the finalist of your choice. One vote per person, please. We're watching closely.

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Credits, clockwise from top left: Zoe Prinds-Flash, Tony Nelson, Erik Hess, and Dan Corrigan

The poll is now closed! Thanks to every photographer for participating, and thanks for voting!

Credits, clockwise from top left: Adam DeGross, Emily Utne, Kasey Jean Noll, and David McCrindle

Credits, clockwise from top left: Mark N. Kartarik, Stacy Schwartz, Anna Gulbrandsen, Ryan Siverson, Sara Montour, and Meredith Westin

Finalist Profiles:
Adam DeGross
Anna Gulbrandsen
Cameron Wittig
Chad Rieder
Dan Corrigan
David McCrindle
Emily Utne
Erik Hess
Kasey Jean Noll
Leslie Plesser
Mark Kartarik
Meredith Westin
Nate Ryan
Rebecca McDonald
Ryan Siverson
Sara Montour
Stacy Schwartz
Steven Cohen
Tony Nelson
Zoe Prinds-Flash

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Clarence Reed
Clarence Reed

To find a best, the playing fields would have to be made even. with lego camera's for all & the marathon obviously venue's across the twin cities from Palmer's Bar to Big V's Saloon.


Oh boy, these comments. Haha. Well, aside from all the negativity - I'm quite honored to have any of my work featured - and to accept any form of credit for the work I do. This means the world to me, as a first milestone of credibility. I do appreciate this contest and every vote. As a music photographer - we celebrate over every watermark not cropped out and every band that actually remembers to tag our name on an image... this is shedding light on artists who usually go relatively unknown, so I love this - its a small publication in the grand scheme of things... so I don't think we should be focusing on those who did not make this list - rather celebrate the fact MN is being represented by other incredible photographers, heck I'm honored to be on this list with the rest of em - I am genuinely happy for each person on this list, because if they're anything like me, this means something - so, please, set it aside - and let them enjoy this brief moment of awesomness. We all know a BUNCH of photographers who deserve to be on this list and voted for... but for right now, I do hope we can keep the hate to a minimum, share the artwork and stories of those above... and just have some fun with this. Thank you.

Kasey Jean Noll 


Otherwise known as "Let's exploit 20 Twin City photographers into being barkers for City Pages web traffic in a contest to find out: which TC music photographer has the most friends".

Reminds me of when in elementary school they'd possess kids to sell People magazine and sodium nitrate sausage logs to family members, neighbors, dad and mom's coworkers for things like neon highlighters.

ANYBODY photographing large national acts or a small quantity of acts is immediately out of this at outset, this is a contest of who has shot the largest quantity of local bands; bands that will make appearances here to vote. I don't think Haley Williams of Paramore and her crew are coming to the Gimme Noise Blog to submit a poll vote for Erik Hess.

John Harry
John Harry

You left out Kyle Hansen of RKH Images.

andrewrobertailes topcommenter

how do i vote for the bassoon player of Imagine Dragons


@CozmikShot Best of luck! I came into it pretty late so hoping to go for that category next year as well! Send me a link and I'll share :)

ReedFischer moderator

@MarcelloErnetti  Hey, it's not all bad. You got something to complain about on the internet out of it too. 


...and? he's probably the only person promoting this to their friends in the first place, not to mention that he just deserves to win.

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