Get Cryphy tap Big Freedia and Spank Rock for 6th anniversary

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Big Freedia and Spank Rock

Time to really get stoked about the Get Cryphy 6th Anniversary celebration on Friday, March 7.

Get Cryphy's past Mainroom shows have been chock full of brief hype sets from a slew of local rappers interspersed with the crunk and hyphy madness, and it's always been a way to truly bring the house energy to its fullest. This year, the four-piece DJ crew have reached out to Baltimore's Spank Rock and New Orleans' Big Freedia to throw in special appearances.

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The crew's recently developed eight-turntable set-up promises to step up the playing power from last year's powerful set for the 5th year anniversary, and the party atmosphere should only explode from there with the some help from two proven booty motivators.

Big Freedia has blessed our cities on a few occasions and has proven to get dance floors riled up. Spank Rock is another interesting left-field choice to include among spins of 2 Chainz and Waka Flocka, and both special guests show the range of tastes that the Cryphy sets represent.

It's arguable that Get Cryphy has done more work than anyone to break the local rap scene's dichotomous idea that underground contemplative rap was somehow above a mainstream club banger. The crew integrate local rap acts to serve as special guests and regularly trot out records like "Get Down" by P.O.S. to connect themselves with the local hip-hop scene, but they've also made possibly the strongest push away from it as well.

Photos by Anna Gulbrandsen
Top to Bottom: Fundo, Last Word, Plain Ole Bill, and Jimmy 2 Times

Unapologetically dropping Lil' Jon or Rick Ross in a town whose biggest rap stars are on the opposite end of the spectrum, Get Cryphy challenged underground rap fans to recognize a hit when they hear one. With the shows growing each year, it clearly worked. A Cryphy show has long been one of the best places to hear the best in national artists, and bringing in Freedia and Spank Rock is only fitting.

The crew's annual mix hyping the show (last year's served as an excellent laptop-in-the-kitchen pre-game for the show itself) is on its way as well, so you should be able to properly get ready for the experience of the 6th Anniversary show on March 7. As always, the Mainroom is going to be insane.


Get Cryphy 6th Anniversary at the First Avenue Mainroom, Friday, March 7th. 9pm. 18+, $8/$12. Info and Tickets.

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OOOOOO SHIT! Big Freedia in the house for Get Cryphy is a genius move, bought my ticket months ago but way more excited now!

Greg Moog
Greg Moog

Hell yeah! Oooh this is gonna be a good one babe

ajlalk3 topcommenter

Then why did you even click on this story? Were you expecting to see some more awesome snake bite facts?

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