Prince was magical on New Girl: A GIF-tastic recap


The Artist Formerly Known As... Adorkable?

Prince's highly-anticipated guest spot on Fox sitcom New Girl show finally aired following the Super Bowl. Instead of just a quick cameo, Prince takes center stage in the episode right alongside Zooey Deschanel and company, showing off his comedic side and a brand-new song. Touchdown for New Girl.

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After nearly getting run over by one of Prince's entourage, Jess and CeCe get invited to -- wait for it -- a party at Prince's house. Sound familiar? That's because these things actually happen sometimes. (Prince, invite us over again? Please?)

Nick and the guys give a pre-party send off to Jess and CeCe, but not before Nick blurts out "I love you" to Jess for the first time. Oops. Jess responds with finger guns. Double oops.

The guys eventually make their way into Prince's party by scheming their way past the doorman (or in Schmidt's case, climbing through Prince's purple frisbee-filled hedges). They meet up with Jess and CeCe at the party and sitcom shenanigans ensue before an unassuming "Hi!" comes from somewhere in the garden when Jess and Nick are finally about to hash out their problems.

Prince appears, like a bespectacled Cheshire Cat among the hedges. The not-so-star-crossed lovers stare at him in silence.

"How rude of me," Prince says. "I haven't given you enough time to freak out yet." And freak out they do.

Prince ends up awkwardly sandwiched between Jess and Nick on a tiny bench (this is Prince's garden after all...) before he offers to give Jess his two cents. "I need to be alone with Prince," Jess says, because even ultra-charming Zooey Deschanel is not immune to the Purple One's even-more-charming charms.

Prince becomes Jess's sounding board over pancakes, and suddenly you realize a little breakfast-at-night and some real-talk with Prince might actually be the best way to solve your problems. "You wanna know why you can't tell that nice dude you love him? You're scared."

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