The best Twin Cities music photographer 2014 poll winner is...

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Credits from top left: Nate Ryan, Cameron Wittig, Rebecca McDonald, Steve Cohen, Chad Rieder, and Leslie Plesser
Getting to know the work of dozens of music photographers working locally over the past couple months has been a joy. After receiving nominations for more than 100 shooters for the best music photographer in the Twin Cities, we narrowed it down to 20 finalists. We profiled them and got a lot of professional advice, and then put it to the people for a vote.

Over 3,000 votes were cast, and now we're ready to reveal a winner.

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Photo by Roman Espiritu
Our 2014 winner is... Adam DeGross, with 35 percent of the total votes.

Read Adam DeGross's Gimme Noise profile, and check out his Subculture Photography Facebook page.

When reached today, DeGross noted, "Dude, I'm so stoked right now!"

Thanks to all of the finalists for submitting your work and providing insight into your craft. The finalists were determined by looking closely at the portion of a photographer's work that relates to music events and musicians. Some of these photographers are/were employed by City Pages, but did not participate in our discussions regarding finalists. We are blessed to have a rich community of gifted photographers in the Twin Cities.

Finalist Profiles:
Adam DeGross
Anna Gulbrandsen
Cameron Wittig
Chad Rieder
Dan Corrigan
David McCrindle
Emily Utne
Erik Hess
Kasey Jean Noll
Leslie Plesser
Mark Kartarik
Meredith Westin
Nate Ryan
Rebecca McDonald
Ryan Siverson
Sara Montour
Stacy Schwartz
Steven Cohen
Tony Nelson
Zoe Prinds-Flash

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Arianna Haider
Arianna Haider

Adam definitely deserves this! A lot of great artists though. Cheers to local art and hard working folk!

Danelle Gorra
Danelle Gorra

Congrats Adam and congrats Anna Gulbrandsen for being a finalist. I voted for you!

Ellen Rice
Ellen Rice

Congratulations to Steven Cohen & Erik Hess for being finalists!


Most of those pictures he posts are ones that he took off of Google. Besides, I've heard rumors that he has ties to the Taliban


@Indeed @HungSoLow You can't prove that i'm wrong. You're just throwing around hurtful words like 'idiot'. No wonder civil rights are so far behind in this country

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