TML and Jim Frick's dance party REAL FUN launches Saturday

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James Frickle and Peter Lansky prepare for REAL FUN

Too Much Love met its end this past Saturday in a sold-out, sweaty and steam-filled Record Room, while the dance party's creator and host Peter Lansky commandeered the decks for one last set as DJ Sovietpanda. Drink tickets hurled by James Frickle of WAK LYF rained down upon revelers seemingly too involved in their grinding and fist-pumping to notice. Within four hours, Lansky took guests on a trip encapsulating seven years worth of sound, traveling deftly from house into disco and finally reaching a crescendo of face-melting techno so loud that it almost drowned out the high-pitched shrieks of those "drunk girls" that LCD Soundsystem sings so fondly of.

So what comes next? Fortunately, club music aficionados need not spend more than this short week grieving the end of an era, as Lansky and Frickle are prepared to launch their brainchild party REAL FUN at the Record Room this coming Saturday.

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Too Much Love is not the only party experiencing a sort of resurrection in the form of REAL FUN. Frickle's WAF LYF team recently ended a successful two-year run of monthly dance nights at Dinkytown's Kitty Cat Klub. "Russell[of WAK LYF] and I were out eating one day and we were talking about, since its a different theme every month, what we wanted to do next. We decided we were going to do Taco Ball 2, and we were like, a year from now, do we want to be doing Taco Ball 3?," Frickle says. The two decided that it was time to move on, just as Lansky was formulating his own plans for the future of Too Much Love.

Frickle recalled attending Too Much Love for a time before becoming friendly with Lansky. The pair officially met at a mutual friend's apartment in March of 2010 before heading out together to a Martin Buttrich and Loco Dice event at the Loft. Eventually they wound up in Detroit together for Movement, the definitive U.S. techno festival, where they forged the beginnings of a long-lasting friendship.

"We've lived together, and we've probably gotten on each other's nerves enough that we can push each other's buttons and it doesn't matter," Frickle says. "We have a pretty centralized idea of where we want stuff to go- the vision we have for things is pretty clear, so its easy for us to understand each other."

Blake Leigh
Peter Lansky will now be going by the DJ name "TML"

Lansky, who has forgone the DJ moniker Sovietpanda and rechristened himself TML, exhibited enthusiasm for working with Frickle. "I'm used to doing everything by myself," he says. "So far, part of what we want to do is have it be more collaborative. We're sequencing DJs a little bit differently, and we want to have some weirder, maybe live electronic stuff."

For REAL FUN, Frickle and Lansky plan to take facets of their previous respective parties and meld them into something new, while incorporating unique collaborative elements. "For the people who liked going to our parties, its not like we're just ditching everything," says Lansky. The two will continue as purveyors of an eclectic array of what Lansky calls "cool club music," mixing textural beats and abstract pieces with more accessible sounds, and taking their curation very seriously.

"We're not genre purists," Lansky says. Frickle agrees: "Connecting the dots is key."

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