Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

We get things going this week with a new video from the Sudden Lovelys, a hard-working duo out of Nordeast Minneapolis who are set to release a new album in March. We're also featuring clips from Grayshot, Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners, Apollo Quad, and a Real Numbers video directed by Gordon Byrd. There are also a ton of terrific performance clips in the spotlight this week, with rousing live videos from STNNNG in France, Lizzo (singing about Paris), Kristoff Krane, Pennyroyal, and a gorgeous glimpse of the Nightingale Trio singing from behind Minnehaha Falls. Enjoy!

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The Sudden Lovelys - "Gone Is Time"

The Sudden Lovelys are a self-described "aggressive folk two-piece" out of Nordeast Minneapolis. The group, comprised of Daniel and Paige Ferraro, will be celebrating the release of their new full-length, Brave and Alive, next month with a record release show at Icehouse on March 22. This video is for their catchy first single from the album, "Gone Is Time," which finds the pair playing the roles of their respective grandparents over the years. It's a touching, lovely tribute to those who have come before us, as well as the enduring, evocative power of music. Throw in a Ray Davies reference and I am definitely hooked by this sprightly, vibrant number, and look forward to hearing more from their forthcoming record, which they fittingly recorded at the Pearl Studio.

STNNNG - Live at Canal 93, Bobigny, France

The guys in STNNNG are currently laying waste to the stages of France, and this blistering live clip of the band tearing through an expansive version of the title track to their recent record, Empire Inward, shows just how potent their live show is and how boisterous and into it the French crowds are. From all accounts, the group appears to be having a blast on their current tour, and with gigs as explosive as this in front of rowdy French music fans, who wouldn't enjoy themselves.

Lizzo - "Paris (Live on the Current)"

To carry on the French theme in this week's Local Frames, here is an in-studio performance of Lizzo playing her new -- Lena Dunham approved -- track, "Paris" for the Current. Lazerbeak's pounding beats have hints of the Beastie Boys' anthem, "So What'cha Want," while Lizzo's spirited rhymes are augmented by her partner in crime, Sophia Eris. Lizzo just finished up a short European jaunt, and after hitting up SXSW she sets off on a U.S. tour with Marijuana Deathsquads, before she stops at the Mid West Music Fest in April.

The Nightingale Trio - "Vdova (North Shore Sessions)"

One of the scarce good aspects of this harsh winter we're currently enduring, is the absolutely stunning, frozen images of ice coming in from all over the state. Whether it's the Lake Superior ice caves, or this video of the Nightingale Trio performing from behind an ice covered Minnehaha Falls, there is plenty of beauty to be seen outdoors if you are willing to brave the brutally cold conditions. Minneapolis' own Sarah Larsson is part of this lovely trio of vocalists, who sound incredible in this striking setting of the Falls which has surprisingly remarkable acoustics. The talented folks at North Shore Sessions stylishly captured this elegant session that might just be the best thing to come out of this harsh, neverending winter.

Kristoff Krane - Animal Freestyle (Live at Icehouse)

Anyone who has ever seen Kristoff Krane perform knows that the local MC can freestyle with the best of them, taking suggestions from the crowd and deftly (and hilariously) working them seamlessly into rhymes he makes up on the spot. This clip from a performance at Icehouse illuminates Krane's lyrical talents, and serves as great promotion for his extensive (44 tracks!) new retrospective, I Freestyle Life {2005-2013}, which Kristoff just released. Anyone who purchases the album gets a download of the mini-documentary, A Day In The Life: Kristoff Krane, which the video above is drawn from. The doc is shot by PCP of Unique Techniques, who gives you an unguarded glimpse into the life of the hard-working local musician and how much of himself he pours into his songs and his shows.

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