Arcade Fire concert dress code: The ultimate guide

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Photo by Guy Aroch

Arcade Fire are nothing if not unseriously serious. When they announced their Reflektor tour last year, the band also told fans that formalwear or costumes would be necessary to get into their shows. After the upset that mandate caused, Arcade Fire noted that their dress code request isn't actually mandatory, but it's a hell of a lot more fun if crowds get into their finest or funkiest ensembles.

Pop star fans do it all the time -- like Gaga's Little Monsters. Plus, if bands like GWAR can get their fans to dress up and get spattered in gross stuff, then Arcade Fire should be able to do it, too. (Sans the spattering.)

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we've got some sartorial inspiration for the show -- whether you're into making costumes, formalwear, or just going low-key.

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For the costume lovers...

Max from Where the Wild Things Are
Haven't you always wanted to see a concert in a onesie?
Step one: Get a hooded onesie.
Step two: Make some pointy ears and a crown out of felt.
Step three: Let the wild rumpus start.

Or you can always half-ass this costume with a gray-ish sweatshirt, a construction-paper crown, and a homemade tail.

Tatiana Craine
A Hunger Games fan's homemade Effie Trinket costume.
Hunger Games Remember the Capitol's anthem from the Hunger Games? Yeah, Arcade Fire had a hand in creating that. Get into the couture Capitol spirit and dress up as Effie Trinket. Pop on a cotton candy-like wig, grab an old prom dress from Ragstock, and put on a faceful of bold makeup.

For the fancy folks...

Denis Jeong Plaster
Lookin' good.

Listen, it's really not that hard to take a leaf out of J.T.'s book and throw on a suit and tie... or a dress if that's your style. Y'all know how to spiff yourselves up -- slick that hair back and put on some shiny shoes. How many occasions do you get to dress up and rock out? Take 'em when you can, especially if they involve Arcade Fire.

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Clint Cochran
Clint Cochran

If someone gave me a free ticket I would wear whatever I had on. Then I would know who the fuck they are.

Kirsten Zache
Kirsten Zache

This concert is Groupon-ed. I'm guessing they need any and all hipsters they can get. Dress code. ha.

Jason Swan
Jason Swan

What is it with bands dressing like washed up mariachi members lately? Did they just return from their whirl wind tour of Tijuana? It didn't work for The Killers either.

Tim Williams
Tim Williams

And a Cardigan that's 2 sizes too small.

Chris Cook
Chris Cook

Dude, seriously? It's ARCADE FIRE. Not Cinderella's ball...if I was going, I would wear the shittiest shirt and pants I could find

Justin Beck
Justin Beck

I would guess appropriate dress for this show would consist of skinny jeans, a well worn flannel shirt, thick glasses with no lenses, styled hair and a can of PBR.

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