10 highlights from Bassgasm 10 at First Avenue

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Adam DeGross
Bassgasm 10 guests

Bassgasm 10
First Avenue, Minneapolis
Friday, March 21, 2014

Bassgasm is the perfect medicine for a raver with terrible ADHD. Friday night at First Avenue was like looking into those kaleidescopes that have little bits of confetti in them, the ones you can shake, the result being a millennial version of Party Monster. Opportunities to blow out your eardrums abounded. People wore fur coats with LED lights sewn inside. I watched a girl in a latex bodysuit get arrested while I was eavesdropping on a conversation about conspiracies. There was certainly no shortage of entertainment.

Truly the most satisfying element of the event, despite all the eye candy, was the caliber of music brought here from various parts of the globe. Wandering through the different rooms and miniature set-ups throughout the venue, one could travel musically from Moscow to New York to Berlin within a span of ten minutes.

To sum up the night in a succinct manner would be nearly impossible. To keep things manageable, I have assembled a list of ten particularly memorable Bassgasm 10 moments.

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Adam DeGross
James Patrick Plays

10. James Patrick Plays live techno with Chuck Love, Chris Cunningham, Jon Davis, Graham O'Brien & John Keston
Live techno with a full band? It sounds too weird to work, but James Patrick and his wonderful ensemble of live musicians had the mainroom dancing madly before a wall of bass. It was exciting and joyful to watch the musicians jamming hard onstage while people draped in glowsticks got down. This innovative act brought life to a musical genre that may feel inaccessible to those who are more attuned to seeing musical instruments being played rather than hands dancing above a mixer.

9. Wall of Bass 2 "The Holographic Granola Pizza Area"
One wall of bass is menacing enough, but the truly terrifying area of First Avenue wound up being the smaller, second wall of bass located to the right of the main stage in the mailroom, where merch tables are typically set up. I ventured to this zone early in the night and was surprised to find it jam packed with sweaty bodies. Upon entering the space before the wall of speakers, I was hit with such forceful bass that I almost threw up.

I pressed my hands up against my ears and tried to wander further in as I felt the sound vibrating through my internal organs and rattling my bones. It felt really awesome and also really sickening. Wall of Bass 2 gets my award for most intense sound system ever assembled in a small space. Kudos to the bartender who was slinging drinks directly in front of that monster all night.

Adam DeGross
The balloon ladies

8. The balloon ladies.
There were two women in attendance dressed entirely in balloons -- one in black, and one in white. Not only does this seem like a dangerous fashion decision, as I personally felt inclined to try to pop one or two of them, but it also seems like it might hamper one's ability to dance. These ladies, however, did a fine job of wylin' out in their balloon costumes. They were also wearing coordinated Marilyn Manson-esque face make-up. Can you imagine dancing in a balloon costume with face paint and sweat running into your eyes? Now that's devotion.

7. TWRK in the mailroom "The Funth Dimension"
Up close, TWRK didn't look very happy to be at Bassgasm 10. The crowd didn't seem to care either. TWRK went on towards the end of the night when dancing was at its most bizarre, which made for some spectacular people watching. TWRK's trap anthems didn't translate perfectly over the main Wall of Bass, which was somewhat disappointing. Also disappointing was the lack of actual twerking to be witnessed. I was hoping for some seriously ratchet shit to go down and instead was unimpressed by the relatively tame crowd reactions. Next time, TURN UP, GUYS!

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