Five more shows we want Prince to take over

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Last week, Minnesota's Purple Yoda, Prince, took over The Arsenio Hall Show for one of the greatest hours of television ever broadcast. Between this excellent appearance and taking Fox's New Girl to a whole other level of cool a month ago, it's been scientifically proven that Prince equals television gold.

With that tested and proven hypothesis in mind, here are five additional current TV shows that we would love Prince to take over.

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: While the popular expression describes revenge as "a dish best served cold," Revenge is actually an ABC show about people getting back at each other. Things have been getting particularly vengeful lately, to the point where it seems the the characters keep jumping to progressively greater acts of vengeance. If the show were to have a proper finale, it should involve Prince showing up and making everyone realize the petty error of their deceptive ways. He could best express this through a moving acoustic performance of "Purple Rain." Or "Batdance," either one.

Game of Thrones:

Let's be real folks, while HBO's most passionately followed current show serves-up plenty of royalty, there's only one true Prince. Not only would a crossover possibly give us the image of Prince performing "Take Me With You" on the back of a dragon, but it increases the odds of making my fever dream of Peter Dinkage dueting on "Shockadelica" a long-awaited reality.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition:
 We all have plenty of things we don't like about our place of residence. Even the most satisfied of us surely have things we wish we could tighten up here and there. Being that Prince allegedly once lamented to as assistant "It's 3:00 AM in Minneapolis, why don't I have a camel?" his eye for design and comfort could dramatically improve our quality of life. After seeing what Prince did with Paisley Park, or even when directing the "Raspberry Beret" video, why not let the man be at the reigns of a full-on home redesign?

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