The best Twin Cities concerts of the week: 3/31-4/6

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Renata Raksha
St. Vincent -- See Wednesday
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Monday, March 31

Da Mafia 6 with Twisted Insane, Whitney Peyton, and Sozay
18+, $25/$30, 6 PM

Fuel with Cage the Gods, Strange Daze, and Suit and Tie Genocide
18+, $18/$23, 7:30 PM

Boy & Bear
18+, $15, 7 PM

Hollow Earth, Old Wounds, Exalts, and Girl
18+, $8, 8 PM

Tuesday, April 1

Dum Dum Girls with Blouse
Always sounding a bit like a garage-rock take on Blondie's chic-pop stylings, Dum Dum Girls clean up and shine brightly on their third album, Too True. With band founder/sole mainstay Dee Dee reportedly having scratched the results of multiple recording sessions before settling in with producers Richard Gottehrer and Sune Rose Wagner to finally finish the album, the end results exhibit a polished perfectionist streak that in the wrong hands could have rendered the songs inert; thankfully Dee Dee's darkly dramatic voice gives even the slickest tracks here a welcome edge. -Rob van Alstyne
18+, $15, 7 PM

The Sounds with Blondfire and Strange Talk
18+, $20-$35, 7 PM

Bastille with To Kill a King
All ages, $18, 6 PM

Best in Brutality with Oceano, Broken Hope, Fallujah, Rivers of Nihil, and Kublai Khan
15+, $15, 5 PM

Remix Artist Collective with Panama Wedding and Ghost Beach
18+, $16-$25, 7 PM

Wednesday, April 2

Against Me! with Laura Stevenson and Cheap Girls
Against Me!, as the name implies, are both a confrontational and personal band. At times, their bark has been louder than their bite, but on the heels of their new Transgender Dysphoria Blues, the Laura Jane Grace-led group has found a new energy, one that indulges in self-exploration, but also hits on universal truths that extend far beyond the gender issues at play. While Grace is presently going through some very public changes and the record reflects that exhibitionist nature, Against Me! holds just as much anger and insight as ever. It's rare that a band can be this personal and avoid narcissism, but that's exactly what Against Me! achieve. -Loren Green
18+, $18/$20, 7 PM

The Orwells with Twin Peaks
As 20th-century English novelists go, Illinois garage rockers the Orwells might have gone with "the Burgesses" instead if it didn't have such a shitty ring to it. Considering the locker-bashing drums and knees-flexing guitar riffs, debut Remember When conjured up the boisterousness of Alex and his droogs in A Clockwork Orange. In 2013, the Orwells released two EPs, the second of which, Who Needs You, opened with the haymaker of a title track and continued with "Open Your Eyes" and "Salvation Is a Parking Lot," self-proclaimed "rip-offs" of the Misfits and Black Lips respectively. The band's second album, Disgraceland, promisingly produced by Dave Sitek and Chris Coady, is due out in June.
$12, 6:30 PM

Asking Alexandria
All ages, $25, 4:30 PM

David Broza
$40-$45, 7 PM

18+, $15/$18, 9 PM

Thursday, April 3

St. Vincent
St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, keeps making pop albums and veiling them as experimental rock. After infiltrating Dallas's gowned choral group the Polyphonic Spree, the Oklahoma-born singer-guitarist debuted on her own in 2007 with the whispery Marry Me. She'd follow-up stronger with each solo album hence, returning this February with a self-titled collection. (She also made a collaborative record with David Byrne, Love This Giant, in 2012.) For all its frantic-clockmaker guitar work, St. Vincent also has a mellow side: the piano ballad "I Prefer Your Love" attempts to explain why some things don't need an explanation, the title's reference point being Jesus himself. -Michael Madden
$25/$29.50, 7:30 PM

London Grammar with Vancouver Sleep Clinic
British indie-pop trio London Grammar's debut album, If You Wait, is simultaneously soulful and synthetic. While lead singer Hannah Reid's big voice and dynamic delivery undoubtedly command the spotlight, the crystalline guitar and smooth keyboard that frame it are equally alluring. It's perfect for Sade fans looking for a more modern take on similarly sophisticated sounds. -Rob van Alstyne
18+, $15/$18, 7 PM

First Avenue's 44th Anniversary Party with Hipshaker, DJ Jake Rudh, Get Cryphy, Verb X, DJ Kevin Beacham, and more
18+, $5, 7 PM

Weekend with Cities Aviv and Oaks
18+, $10, 8 PM

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
$20/$22, 7 PM

Andy C with Loadstar, Mutrix, and Singularity
18+, $25/$30, 8 PM

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