Top 10 Christian hardcore bands from Minnesota

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From Household's "Reservoir" video

Hardcore is destined to psych up antsy punks in any given dingy basement. Picture the heads nodding, the pit forming, the beverages spilling on already-dirtied shirts as bodies thrash into one another... and then the lyrics kick in.

Imagine these words belted with a raw throat and intensity beyond compare: "I am set apart by holiness to love and to give / To observe how Jesus lived and to follow in his footsteps!" This is the message of Minneapolis group Watchmen. It's all hardcore as usual until someone drops the big G.O.D., and they're far from the only band doing this.

A strong scene formed around similar beliefs and musical approaches has cropped up around the state. Here are 10 of Minnesota's best Christian hardcore bands.

Courtesy of Word Will Spread

10. Word Will Spread
Origin: Morris | Years active: 2011 - present | Song: "Undignified"

Word Will Spread is comprised of five Morris natives who range from high school freshmen to college juniors, as exemplified the braces and self-proclaimed love for energy drinks and "trendy beanies." Four of the members make up two sets of brothers, with the Lahrs on bass and guitar and the Tiernans on drums and vocals. We're especially fond of their video for "Undignified," which appears to be set in a barn and features the guitarists playing and jumping off milk crates. On their Facebook page, Word Will Spread lists their influences as "The Holy Spirit, the Bible... and probably Rockstar Energy Drink." The energy drink influence shows -- this is one enthusiastic group.

Courtesy of See the Rise

9. See the Rise
Origin: Minneapolis | Years active: 2011 - 2014 | Song: "The Stolen Friend"

On Sunday, See the Rise played their last show ever at the Skyway Theater. In their three years together, the band managed to score spots at both Vans Warped Tour and Minnesota's own Christian music fest, Sonshine, in 2013. The band released two EPs, including Out of the Ordinary in and The Theft, featuring songs like "The Stolen Friend," "The Stolen Love," and "The Stolen Home." You get the idea. See the Rise considered themselves a hardcore band, but incorporated elements of screamo and metal, making them a perfect match for the Warped Tour crowd.

By Grayson Hary

8. Watchmen
Origin: Minneapolis | Years active: 2013 - Present | Song: Watchmen EP

Watchmen is a hardcore band that formed in Minneapolis in March, 2013. So far, they've only released an EP, but they don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The group plays straightforward basement hardcore with intensely posi lyrics, like Good Clean Fun for Christians, and shares members with Household (found later on the list). Check out the track "Gray World" off their EP. It's still super Christian, but not as blatant. We're excited to see what Watchmen can do with better recording capabilities.

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