Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week

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Local Frames is a weekly column spotlighting the best new music videos featuring musicians and directors with Minnesota ties.

We get things rocking this week with a new video from Howler, who are celebrating their record release party tonight at the Triple Rock. We've also got clips from Stereo Confession, the Lowest Pair, Annie Enneking, Jon Wayne & the Pain feat. Keller Williams, Matt Hannah, and a haunting short film with a soundtrack provided by the Funeral & the Twilight. We're also featuring some spirited in-studio clips from Web of Sunsets and GRRRL PRTY, as well as a stirring Wits performance from Jason Isbell. Enjoy!

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Howler - "Indictment"

Howler are set to celebrate the release of their raucous second album, World of Joy, tonight at the Triple Rock. And in advance of their big show, the group released this lively new video for one of the standout tracks on their new record, "Indictment." The video captures the band playing in the basement of a house party, as well as in the shadows of the Hexagon, which gives the already boisterous track a raw, punkish edge. Howler's new album is one of the best, most assured local releases of the year, and the Twin Cities should turn out in force to support the lads tonight at the T Rock.

Stereo Confession - "Video Games"

I first came across Stereo Confession at last year's Mid West Music Fest, and the young group who impressed me then have only grown in talent and confidence since. They just released a rowdy new single called "Video Games," and the accompanying video (shot by Alex Gene, Harrison Barber, and Max Timander) captures the guys enjoying themselves around the city during the winter months. The track, which was produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio, can be downloaded for free at the group's Bandcamp page, with a full-length due from them sometime this summer, which I'm quite looking forward to.

Web of Sunsets - "Neon Blood (Live on Radio K)"

Web of Sunsets
have already captured the attention and hearts of those of us here at City Pages, and this intoxicating live performance of "Neon Blood" will only further endear the band to music fans here in the Twin Cities and beyond. The group just released their beguiling new album, Room of Monsters, back in February, but dig back into their debut 7-inch for this Radio K session. Sara Bischoff (Heavy Deeds), Sarah Nienaber (Gospel Gossip, Is/Is), and Chris Rose (Robust Worlds) craft a haunting, ethereal sound that takes you wherever you let it, and this stirring live session captures their musical magic perfectly.

Lust from Jaime Carrera on Vimeo.

Lust - Soundtrack by the Funeral and the Twilight

Local filmmaker Jaime Carrera just released an ominous new short film entitled Lust, and his work was given an equally moody and powerful soundtrack by the Minneapolis gothic metal trio the Funeral and the Twilight. The two artistic mediums complement each other throughout Lust, with the baleful music ratcheting up the drama of the short film, which adds to the sinister sounds that the band is generating. The Funeral and the Twilight are currently on a big U.S. tour, where they will be bringing the dark, inspired sounds to the metal masses.

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires - "Cover Me Up (Live at Wits)"

Shortly after devastating a sold-out First Avenue crowd back in February, Jason Isbell returned for a more lighthearted visit as a guest on Wits. But during his brief musical set, he was still able to move the hushed St. Paul crowd with a impassioned rendition of the Southeastern standout "Cover Me Up," with his talented wife, Amanda Shires, by his side. This tender, assured version was one of the clear highlights of this eventful Wits broadcast, with Isbell once again demonstrating that he is one of the best songwriters of his generation.

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