50 best fake musicians of all time

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Artwork by Tatiana Craine

Movies, TV shows, comics, and even music-makers are constantly coming up with story lines that involve artists who do not exist. That is, until they exist as "real" fictional musicians in some form. Some, like the Monkees and Miley Cyrus, go on to behave exactly like actual performers. Others could never hope to live up to the hype of their imaginary worlds.

April Fool's Day has become the holiday of sorts when everything on the internet is even more suspect than usual. With all the fake news clogging our social media, Gimme Noise decided to focus on some of the realest fakes around. Here are our top 50 fictional musicians and bands.

50. Tie: Robin Sparkles (How I Met Your Mother) and Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana)

49. Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld (South Park)

48. Echo Echo (Portlandia)

47. Wyld Stallyns (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)

46. Steel Dragon (Rock Star)

45. Otis "Bad" Blake (Crazy Heart)

44. The Wonders (That Thing You Do)

43. Marvin Berry and the Starlighters (Back to the Future)

42. Brian Slade (Velvet Goldmine)

41. N.W.H. (Fear of a Black Hat)

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-Eddie and The Cruisers

- Munchausen by Proxy


Great list, but I was hoping for some love for Ellen Aim and the Attackers...


A few I thought were missing...

  • Drive Shaft (Lost)
  • The Beets (Doug)
  • All the side bands in That Thing You Do. Diane Dane!! Del Paxton!
  • Crucifictorious (Friday Night Lights, Landry!!)
  • Electric Dream Machine (Always Sunny) * They did DayMan
  • Sonic Death Monkey aka Kathleen Turner Overdrive aka Berry Jive and the Uptown 5 (High Fidelity)
  • Aldous Snow (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
  • The Shitty Beatles (Wayne's World)
  • Rex Manning  (Empire Records)
  • Mouse Rat (Parks And Rec)

k2yeb topcommenter

Can we add Matchbox 20 to the list please. 

Melissa Mj
Melissa Mj

Randy Watson and his band Sexual Chocolate...they so fine, don't you agree?

Jay Boller
Jay Boller

Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters.


Awesome list. A little cartoon-heavy at the top for my taste, but a great read.


Ummm, Tenacious D is legit,&  tours, Kyle Gass is an excellent guitar player actually.

Ky Gil
Ky Gil

Johnny Virgil (from Kevin Gilbert's The Shaming of the True )

Molly Miller
Molly Miller

where the hell is Powerline from a goofy movie?

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